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How Can I Find Out How Much My Keywords Are Worth?

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I plan a website on a certain topic and i would like to know what keywords should i put in- related to the subject i want to tackle- so that i maximize my income from this?Let's say i want to make a website about media centers, how can i learn how much does this generate and what related keywords should i choose to maximize the effect, perhaps home media centers or whatever, u understand what i mean.

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Visit this websites and type your keyword/keyPhrase:


The first website, i can not even beleave it how they are providing such an excellent information about high paying keywords for adsense/adwords, they have the best and biggest list, even of the well known high paying keywords dot com website wich one has to pay to see some prices, this one is out of the chart, and adsensearena.com is also very good, it does not have so many keywords, but provides high quality info, it is allways updating, and it does not lie us about the real price they have on adsense/adwords, you can see that the prices are much more real then in the other websites related to the same subject.

Now, to get the best keywords and keyphrases, using the overture databases, i got this freeware tool and it is the best i have, the name is keyword digger, you just have to open the tool (don't need to install), type the keyword/keyphrase you think is related to the subject or theme of your website, you need internet connection to get the list of keywords/keyphrases from Overture databases, and it will show you a list of the most valuable ones, it's very good, and it's free:

Keyword Digger (38 KB)

If you want to test out this tool, be my guest, i already have, Keyword Digger provides the same results as if you were using the Overture keyword Selector Tool online, and you can even copy the list of results to the clipboard with a click on a button.

Keyword Digger also update all the time.

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