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Another Aoe I I I Strategy Russian FF

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Here's my second ever guide and it's another Age of Empires III guide. This time a FF for the Russian civilization. So I'll start with the basics again.


What is a FF?


Well FF stands for Fast Fortress which means reaching the Fortress age (3rd age) fast, to get an upper hand on military units. This strategy is more often sued in the Spanish and German civilizations, but there's a way to pull this off russians. Here it is!


The Strategy.


This is different to other FF strategeys this time get all your villagers to collect your crates. Once collected build villagers and set them on food.

With the 5 starting villagers 4 go on food and 1 on wood (for the crates).

Once you have 100 wood, build a house. Leave any other wood and gold crates.

put all villagers on food, once hosue is built.

Don't stop making villagers in there groups of three.

In the meantime get your explorer to hunt for treasures... any treasure'll do.

For your first HC shipment send the explorer upgarde one... this gives him more HP and a dog to help.

With this you can get some harder to get treasures.


Once you have 20 villies Choose to age up, use the 500 food politician.

You want to advance around 4:20-4:30.

While Advancing spluit your villies around 13 on gold and 7 on food.

When the crates come from age up put some villies to collect them.

Aim to have 1200 food and 1000 gold around 5:53.

Keep evening your villies out to which resource you need more.

Send any resources crates if you have them.

You should hit Fortress age around 7:50-8:00.

Abit longer than msot civilizations...but still good ewnoguh to compete with them.


General Tips.


Micro: Micro your villies, sandwich huntables between villies and your towncentre so when shot at they run to your towncentre saving you valuable seconds.


Scouting: use your explorer to scout out the enemies base... this is very useful when you come to attack or raid villies.


Treasures: collect as many treasures as you can with your explorer these help a lot in ageing quicker.


Being attacked: always keep one spare card incase you get attacked as you can send colonial militia to fend off the attack.


Cards Needed.

Polar explorer

ANY gold and food resoruce cards

2 falconets

11 highlander

10 manchu

Unique church + 9 Dragoons

6 Oprichniks

6 Grenaders

Fort wagon


Wood cards



Some military cards are useless... most of the good cards are lsited above. Any fighting you do should be done in the fortress age and higher ages.




While ageing to Fortress age send 700 wood.

Build houses.

Most villies should be put on gold.

IF you have 1200 gold send the highlanders or manchus card, if not send 2 falconets.

Your next card should be 6 grenadiers

Now attack with the 17 stretlets (age up) highlanders/manchu/falconets and your grenadiers.


If done early enough this can really damage an enemys eco.





This strategy may not be the best FF strategy but it sure can compete with the other civs who are betetr at it.


Any Criticism/Comments don't be afraid to say.

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This looks like a solid strat. I'll give it a try. Lately I've been loosing over and over and I need to try something different. I'm about ready to switch to Spanish.

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When I play Russia I go for just a classical 4 min army... For that you mkae a barrack/outpost during or before advancement to colonial, and once 2nd age is reached... I make 10 men. I attack with 50 men at 6 mins-reply by George Washington

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Another Aoe I I I Strategy


Not bad. I am no professional, but I do play a fair number of rts games. If you are Russian, (and rushing, haha) best to follow the 50 at five (or six actually). Damage the opponents economy quickly, use thoughtful tactics (attack villagers). Then evolve. I play with friends, and sometimes we amend game rules (no rush within first 15 is popular). This gives people who rush and are successful very often, some end game xp (personal not ingame). I suggest this for any serious competitor. Just play accor5ding to normal, but send your units in to "false attack".


If rushing is unsuccessful (and it will be against any decent opponent) switch from tactics to strategy. Just an opinion.


-reply by nope

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 I like to do later rush at about 10 minutes with 20 musketeers, and a shipment of horses and a shipment of strelets, strelets just die to fast, but you can triger the enemy to surrender automatically sometimes when your force just looks that big.  after that, if everything goes well, I usually make a batch or two of villes to make it so I can constantly make musketeers and just put their spawn point in their base, eventually I build a second blockhouse and spam from there also.

-reply by crack stuntman

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