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Review-tycoon City New York My review os this PC simulation game

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Ever wanted to own your own business chains?, be the richest in New York? and be praised by all those budding entrapeneurs? If so this games the game for you.


You start off as a little known businessman, with $500,000 and need to base all your companies off this. A few teenagers give you some ideas of what to build to start off with... If you full-fill their needs then thats one challenge over. There are 13 districts to un-lock throguh completing these challenges, the districts include


The Financial District

Chelsea and the Garment district



and many more...




This game requires a 64-MB graphics card, the detail is very high when fully zoomed in, you can see peoples faces, expressions etc. but when you zoom out to about half zoom the people turn into block figures, with just one colour. Yet when fully zoomed out the graphics return to a great standard. Sometimes the movement of the camera is juddery and slow to re-act, especially when fully zoomed out. i believe this tob e due to the amount it ahs to laod with all the buildings. Though this is quite a rare occurance if a cheat is sued it makes this happen quite often until the game is saved and exited.




This game requires a directX version 9.0c compatible sound card.

There isn't much sound needed in this game other than the sound of bustling tarffic, buskers and violinists oputside restraunts and when someone is giving a challeng or theres a news report. When the sound is needed most (news reports/challenges) It is of an extremely good quality




This game can get boring quite quickly, I played it for around a week non-stop and am Extremely bored. I own the entire of New York... Have all challenges complete. Yet theres still a sandbox mode to muck about in...


Overall Rating.


Overall I'd give this game a 7/10 It has great sound, Good graphics, OK gameplay. But is great if youre bored and have nothing much to do.

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these tycoon games are so amazing. The way they let you build so many differnt thing in all their differnt games. I really wish they would put this game or some of their older tycoon games for xbox or ps2 or psp. But i have played many of these games and they are great. If anyone hasnt tried it they should be you will love it. And thanks for the rating on the latest one.

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