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The Best Sites of free sms..

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A list of the best Free SMS sites :)


You have the power to specify what the receiver will think the message is from. You can put ANY mobile number or alphanumeric character in the "From" field when sending a message.Our messages work for almost every mobile phone provider in the world and can be received by any phone which is capable of receiving SMS messages.
You can send to multiple receipients by separating them with commas (,) or spaces.
You can view your full message history and delete your history yourself at anytime.
Use our powerful addressbook and favourites list to send messages to your friends and family! If you add a nickname for your contacts in your addressbook, you can simply type their nickname in the "TO" field if you want to send an sms and we will automatically replace it with the matching number.
You can store frequent messages in 'Template Messages' and use them at any time.


Registration is FREE! User ID & Password delivered by SMS.
Unused Messages get carried-forward
to the following month.
No Hidden Charges,
the Service is Absolutely FREE !!!
Life-time message storage facility
with encrypted data.


Free Flash SMS, logos, pictures, sounds, etc.New users are entitled to 25 Free Yoofi points!
Yoofi Networks the newest, coolest and safest way to meet new friends and create online communities.
Yoofi Mobile downloads enables you to personalize your mobile to the latest backgrounds, polyphonics, true tones, logos...
Yoofi SMS services enable you to send SMS that is up to 60% cheaper than sending from your phone.
Yoofi Sweethearts gives you the chance to express your feelings without the risk of embarrassment, or hurt feelings.
Create your own personal and private community network
Interact with people who are connected to you through networks of mutual friends
Meet for for dating, by interest, for professional purposes around the world 24 hrs a day
I'm offering invitations :D

Do you know others? post here :P

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hah uh i think has most of every program that people look for and need...and u can download all thats in there...and the ones with the trials u can go to http://www.seriall.com/ to crack em =D lol but im sure most of you people know about this site anyways https://myspace.com/browser
great source to use for keeping touch with your friends and to meet and make new friends...i have one for myself and its doing me good...its now pretty popular cuz ive been hearing it on TV now at times...

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