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couture threat

Ten Things Men Won't Say!

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10 Things Men Won't Say
1. Let's watch Lifetime!
2. Do I match?
3. I don't want to go too far on the first date.
4. Yes, I did notice your sister's breasts are bigger than yours.
5. There is nothing I like better than crawling into bed with a good book.
6. I sooo want to go to Harvard.
7. My hips are too big.
8. Aw, can't we watch Oprah?
9. Does this suit make me look fat?
10. I'll never get tired listening to Celine Dion


Notice from jlhaslip:
copied from here.
Warning issued. Read the Xisto Readme file. Material which is not your own must be quoted.

And moving to jokes section.

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What are you talking about?! I NEVER get tired of listening to Celine Dion./me flips on antique 8Track player.

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