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The Icons Of Zip Files Are Wrong Everytime! Windows 2000

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Hello! I am going crazy for a silly little thing. Please help me anyone! The icon for ZIP files never shows the way it is supposed to. Instead it insists on displaying the Windows 'default document' icon for ZIP files. If I rightclick a zip and choose icon properties, I can set the icon to be fetched from the winzip executable instead, and all looks fine and dandy inside the properties dialog, but after refreshing or repairing icon cache it is still the default document icon that is displayed. If I try to change the icon enough times it will eventually start to display a miniature version of the correct ZIP-icon *inside* a normal sized 'default' icon ('default' this time, not 'default document' as above), a bit like as if the default icon was pregnant with a baby zip icon. This applies whether I have it set to display small or large icons. If I uninstall winzip and reboot, I get back to 'default document' icon. And then after reinstalling Winzip there is no change at all even though during install the ZIP files were supposed to be associated with Winzip. Doubleclicking yields a dialog asking for which program to execute with. After I associate it here with the winzip executable, the icon show up as default pregnant with baby zip. I get a feeling there is a hand of darkness resting over the display of ZIP file icons!! Somewhere tucked away in the registry there seems to be a mean-spirited little icon kidnapper sitting and holding on very dearly to the ZIP icon. What is wrong? I am going crazy!

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the fix (Icon and explorer functions)

The Icons Of Zip Files Are Wrong Everytime!


Open folder options from the control panel.

Go to the file types tab.

Find your zip file type and click advanced. If advanced is not available, click restore first.

Type "Compressed (zipped) Folder" in the top box (without the quotes)

Highlight open in the actions section and click "edit"

In the "application used to run the program"

"rundll32.Exe zipfldr.Dll,RouteTheCall %L"

Without the quotes.

In the next four boxes type:







And click OK out of everything, you're done.



-reply by Oracle_of_delphi at yahoo.Com

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I think I can answer your problem.
1. Right click the zip file.
2. Go to properties.
3. Click on the Customize tab.
4. Click change icon. And choose the one you want it to be.

That's about it. Hope it helped you.

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