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I have alot of great info on how too run a none laggy server i will post some right here


This Manual is Windows CounterStrike Only!


Thats CSS and the new released DOD!



Trizik Guide Here!


I will not be able to give support anymore!




- Guide installing CounterStrike Dedicated Server

- Downloading or making a Server.cfg

- Making a Message Of The Day (MOTD)

- Changing Mapcycle

- RCON guide and MOD links

- Adding bots to your server

- Firewall/Router Settings

- Lag issues

- Other Links



First, create a folder where the files for the dedicated server will be located. In this manual, C:\srcds will be used as the server directory. Verify 1 GB of free space is available on the drive.


Next, download the HLDS_UpdateTool from here:




Copy this file where you like. Doubleclick it and follow the instructions. The destination folder to use is: C:\srcds. Some files will be copied to this directory when finished, one of them is: HldsUpdateTool.exe

Doubleclick on HldsUpdateTool.exe, so it will update itself. We will be using this file in the next sections.



Download the Server Files Now, we download the server files that are required to run the server. Depending on your connection this could take from a few minutes to a few hours.

If you have HL2 already installed, then there is a quicker way to get the files, click here if you want to know how, if not then proceed...


The next section need to be completed via the DOS command line. To go there do this:

Click Start, then Run, Type in cmd then click the OK button. Once the Command Prompt is up, we need to change directory by typing this in the command line: cd C:\srcds


First watch how fussy the command line can be

(watch the whole video or you might download 600mb of what you dont want!)




Or go to Bones site and watch more little video's like above!


Bones Site!.


Now type the following in the command line or copy from here:


hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir c:\srcds


This will download all the server files needed to run a Standalone Source Dedicated Server.

Once finished retrieving the files, this text will appear:


HLDS installation up to date


If it's not working the first time then try again, again and again


From time to time you will need to update your server, just follow the same steps to do this or make a batch file.



Creating a shortcut to run the server

Go to your C:\srcds directory. Find srcds.exe Right click on it and create a shortcut. Now right click on the newly created shortcut and go to properties. Click on the tab shortcut, in the Target line you see probably the following: C:\srcds\srcds.exe Now we need to add the following behind this line to get the server started properly.


-console -game cstrike +ip +maxplayers 20 +map de_dust


Of course you fill in your IP (whatismyip), you can change the maxplayers and which map you want to start the server with. But dont forget the space between srcds.exe and -console! So the complete line would be like this:


C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +ip +maxplayers 20 +map de_dust


Click OK when finished.



Start the server

All you need to do now to start your server is doubleclicking the shortcut you created.

If you encounter a problem, try deleting the +ip in the shortcut or try reading this thread.



Creating a server.cfg

Now that you have your own server its time to give it a name and the settings you want. That's done with a file named server.cfg In this post as a reply I have posted my server.cfg, just scroll with your mouse and you will find it.



Message Of The Day

A Message of The Day (MOTD) is the first screen you'll see if you connect to a server. I'll show you how to change this welcome sreen, just scroll with your mouse to a reply I made.



Changing the Mapcycle

If you want to change your mapcycle all you have to do is open mapcycle.txt. You can find this file here:




When opened you can delete maps or change the mapcycle order.

Ofcourse make sure you save your changes.



Adminning your Server (RCON & MOD)

Now that you have personalized your server, I will try to explain to you how to control your server using RCON. Scroll your mouse and in a reply I made you will find more info about RCON and little info about MOD's.


Firewall/Router Settings

If you can't see your server in the list or your friends are not able to connect to your server then this could have many causes. One of them is that you're behind a firewall or a router.

If your server is behind a firewall and/or you are using a router, you need to open/forward these ports:


UDP 1200 (Friends Network)

UDP 27000 to 27015 (Gameport)

UDP 27020

TCP 27030 to 27039

TCP: 27015 (SRCDS Rcon port)


Go to the website of your manufacturer if you don't know how to open/forward these ports. Or if you have a router you can go to this website: https://portforward.com/

Here you can find some other suggestions, where you may find an answer.



My server LAAAGS!

Needforspeed made a very good guide about running a lag free server.

You should read it!


For CounterStrike most of the settings are changeable in the server.cfg. If you used my server.cfg you can see these settings in the title SET RATES. I found this formula in Drek's thread:


bandwidth X 128 / server size = sv_maxrate


Example: If you have an upload of 768 Kbps and you want a 24 player server, then the formula goes like this: 768 x 128 / 24 = sv_maxrate 4096


Drek's thread will get you in a direction, but I think it comes down to trial and error. If you experience lag then play with the settings.



More Info

Keep the following websites in mind, they will give you more info about Source Dedicated Server in the future:












First some info for CS 1.6 ServerAdmins:





If you have setup CS 1.6 servers or other non-Source servers before then I recommend not using those server.cfg 's anymore, because some commands have changed or are not working anymore! Here you can find a Source cvarlist so you can compare it with your old server.cfg 's or you can use the server.cfg below: Source cvarlist


This Source cvarlist is from nov 2004, if you want the latest or if the link is not working, you will have to do the following: Start your server (in console mode), when it's started type the following in the serverwindow: cvarlist log cvarlist.txt

A lot of text appears, but you can close your server if you want. In your cstrike folder you will now find a file cvarlist.txt and you can open this with Word, this is the latest Source cvarlist.



Let's continue with the server.cfg

You can find a sample of a server.cfg between the quote lines down below. Some commands may not work anymore after an update and this server.cfg doesn't have all the possible commands, but I tried to give you the most used ones and you can change the complete file the way you want it.


Copy and paste the quote text below (without the quotelines!) in a text- or notepadfile and make sure you change sv_region, hostname and rconpassword. Feel free to change any other settings you like or delete the settings you dont need or want.

Afterwards save the file as server.cfg in the following directory: C:\srcds\cstrike\cfg\




// Use this file to configure your SOURCE DEDICATED server.

// This config file is executed everytime the server changes levels.

// This file is made by Lady Racquel, you can visit us @ http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/



// *********** SERVER & PASSWORD INFO ***************

// Change it to 1 if you want a LAN only Server

sv_lan 0

// contact & geo 0=US East coast, 1=US West coast, 2= South America, 3=Europe, 4=Asia, 5=Australia, 6=Middle East, 7=Africa and 255=world.

// Change the number to the region you live in!!!

sv_region 3

// Give your server a name here

hostname "Put your Server Name here"

// Rcon password is used to give your server orders by using console, so think of a good password

rcon_password "Putyourrconpasswordhere"

// If you want your server to be private, fill in a password and delete the // in front of sv_password

// sv_password "Putyourprivatepasswordhere"




// Sets the amount of minutes players are able to buy

mp_buytime 1

// Sets the amount of starting money, max=16000

mp_startmoney 8000

// Sets the amount of secs before C4 explodes

mp_c4timer 30

// 1 enables flashlight, 0 disables it

mp_flashlight 1

// 1 enables hearing footsteps, 0 disables it

mp_footsteps 1

// 1 enables falling damage, 0 disables it

mp_falldamage 1

// Sets the number of hostages a player can kill before they are booted from the server. 0 is disabled

mp_hostagepenalty 0



// Timelimit is how many minutes for a map.

mp_timelimit 45

// When a team reaches this amount of wins (before the timelimit or the roundlimit is

// reached), it has won the map. 0=disabled

mp_winlimit 14

// When two teams finish playing this amount of rounds (before the timelimit or the

// winlimit is reached) the map ends. 0=disabled

mp_maxrounds 21

// Round time, in minutes. After this amount of minutes has passed,

// a scenario win is awarded. Min 1, Max 9

mp_roundtime 3

// Sets the seconds before players can move in the beginning of a round

mp_freezetime 4



// Toggles the forcing of clients to join teams to make it balanced. 1=on and 0=off

mp_autoteambalance 1

// Sets the maximum number of players that one team can have more than the

// other team. Use a setting of '0' to completely disable the team limiting.

mp_limitteams 1



// Toggles friendly fire 1=on and 0=off

mp_friendlyfire 0

// Toggles the forcing of a player to sit out the next round if he

// has just killed a teammate. 1=on and 0=off

mp_tkpunish 1

// Kick idle/team-killing players. 1=on and 0=off

mp_autokick 1

// Kick players who team-kill within this many seconds of a round restart.

mp_spawnprotectiontime 10

// After this many seconds without a message from a client, the client is dropped

sv_timeout 40



// Restricts spectatorcamera view for dead players. 1=on and 0=off

mp_forcecamera 1

// toggles whether the server allows spectator mode or not. 1=on and 0=off

mp_allowspectators 1





// Max bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0=unlimited, max=20000

sv_maxrate 8000

// Min bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0=unlimited, 4000=good to keep dialup gamers off the server

sv_minrate 1000

// Maximum updates per second that the server will allow, increasing this will take more







If you connect to a server as a player, you first see a screen with a message on it or sometimes with a picture and maybe even with a sound attached to it. This is called the Message Of The Day (MOTD) and with it you can give a personal touch to your server and give players info about your server, like if FF is on or off, or some rules.


You can find the MOTD in the following file:




Open this file and you will see text that's used for webpages. So if you know how HTML works you can easily create a nice webpage for your MOTD, just make sure you name it motd.txt and replace the original one in the above directory. It's even possible to show your clanwebsite on the MOTD and use an image or a sound. You'll find examples if you scroll down with your mouse.


If you don't know much about HTML then look for this line in the motd.txt:




<body scroll="no">


You are playing Counter-Strike v1.6

Visit the official CS web site @


<a href="http://blog.counter-strike.net/ Counter-Strike.net</a>





You can delete the blue text and type any other text instead. With <br> you can create an 'Enter'. If you want a bigger lettertype you will have to use this parameter:

<font size="+x">text</font>

And if you want to center the text you will have to use this:



Here is an example that will show how it's done:



<body scroll="no">


<center><font size="+2">Welcome to the


-=ViViD=- Clan CS Source Server</font></center>



<center>FF and teambalancing are on</center>




<font size="+1">Just Behave & Enjoy<font>





It will create more or less the following output in the MOTD:

(without the points ofcourse)




..................................Welcome to the

......................-=ViViD=- Clan CS Source Server


............................................FF and teambalancing are on



Just Behave & Enjoy




Image & Sound

If you know how HTML works then you know what to do with these lines to give your MOTD an image and/or a sound. I'm not going to explain in full detail how to do it:



<img src="http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/; width="356" height="356">


<NOEMBED> <BGSOUND src="http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/; </NOEMBED>



And keep in mind not to make the jpeg or the wav to big in pixels or bytes; 100 kb or less is fine.


Your Webpage as MOTD

It's possible to show your (clan)website as a MOTD. To do this you need to replace everything between:







in the motd.txt with the following text:




<title>Cstrike MOTD</title>

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;url=http://www.mysite.com/index.htm;




And then ofcourse change the http://www.mysite.com/index.htm with your websitelink.







RCON is a very basic and timetaking way of controlling your server, I prefer to use MOD's. A MOD is like an add-on to your CS Source Server. It can give extra options to control your server, like weaponrestrictions, reserved slots or punishments. Because Source is a different engine, MOD's used for CS 1.6 and older are not working for CS Source!


The Source engine comes with a built-in MOD and people made some plugins for it, you can find those plugins here. I will not explain to you how to install these plugins, but Bones has made a website with video instruction that will show you how to install one of those plugins; Bones Plugin Video Instruction. It's a very cool MOD to use, but you need to do some reading about it to really make use of all it's possibilities.


A MOD that is not yet finished (dec 2004), but looks very promising (so keep this in mind!) for the Source engine is:



Look in the forums for more info.


MOD's can make it easier and give you more possibillities, but if you don't know how to use or to install MOD's, then RCON is probably your best option to control your server. I'm gonna teach you how to use RCON from a Client PC!


Client PC = PC you play CounterStrike Source on

Server PC = PC you installed CounterStrike Source Ded Server on

(Those two can be installed on the same PC!)


Rcon Password

RCON stands for Remote CONtrol and in your server.cfg you can change the RCON password, look for the following line:


rcon_password "yourRCONpasswordhere"


Make up your own RCON password and replace it with yourRCONpasswordhere.


Sit in front of your Client PC and go to:


X:\Steam\SteamApps\youraccountname\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg

(where X is the letter of your drive, where you installed Steam)


and you will find autoexec.cfg, open this file with notepad. If you don't have a autoexec.cfg, then open notepad, so we can make a new one.


Now put the following line in your autoexec.cfg or in the notepadfile you just opened:


rcon_password "yourRCONpasswordhere"


Ofcourse fill in the RCON password you've used in your server.cfg. Now save the file or if you made a new one save it as autoexec.cfg in the following directory:


X:\Steam\SteamApps\youraccountname\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg

(where X is the letter of your drive, where you installed Steam)


We now have made sure that our RCON password is being autoloaded everytime we start the game CS Source on the Client PC, so we don't need to type it in manually everytime.



Start your CounterStrike Source Dedicated Server now!

We are going to connect to it with the Client PC any minute now.


We need the console to control our server, so sit in front of your Client PC and start the game CounterStrike Source. Go to Options, then Keyboard, then click Advanced... and make sure that Enable developer console (~) is enabled. Hit OK when finished.


Now press the "~" key (=key left to the key 1) and a console window should pop up now!



In the bottom of the console window you can type all sorts of commands to control your server, but to do this you must first connect to your server. So now find your server in the list and connect your Client PC to your Server PC.

When connected let's try one command, type this in the bottom of the console window and hit enter:


rcon changelevel de_dust2


If all is well the map is changing to de_dust2


Here is a list of commands you can type/use:


rcon status

will give you a status of your server with a list of players and their ID's/IP's, very usefull, because by selecting and using ctrl C and ctrl V, you can easily copy/paste a name, ID or IP number. The first list of numbers is a list of userid's. After the list of names you will have a list of uniqueid's and the last list is a list of IP's.


rcon kickid x (x=userid or uniqueid)

kick someone by his userid or uniqueid


rcon banid m x kick (m=minutes ban, m=0 means permanent ban, x=uniqueid)

example: rcon banid 0 STEAM_0:0:123456 kick, player with the uniqueid STEAM_0:0:123456 is now kicked and banned forever.


rcon addip m x (m=minutes ban, m=0 means permanent ban, x=IP)

example: rcon addip 45 212.234.555.346, player with the IP 212.234.555.346 is now banned for 45 minutes.

In the statuslist you see probably something like this: 212.234.555.346:43621 in order to ban someone using the IP, you must not use the red part in the command.


rcon writeid

this will write a file with all the uniqueid's that you have banned so far. This is necessary once in a while, because if you restart your server, all your banned ID's will be lost if they have not been written in a file.


rcon writeip

this will write a file with all the IP's that you have banned so far. This is necessary once in a while, because if you restart your server, all your banned IP's will be lost if they have not been written in a file.


rcon removeid x (x=uniqueid)

to remove a uniqueid from the file, in other words you can repair what you have done with the command writeid.


rcon removeip x (x=IP)

to remove an IP from the file, in other words you can repair what you have done with the command writeip.


rcon changelevel y (y=mapname)

this will change maps, here is a list of original mapnames:












rcon mp_restartgame m (game restarts in m seconds)


rcon say "blablabla"

if you want to talk to everyone on the server, you can use this option.


rcon killserver

this will shut down your server.


The next list of commands can also be used in your server.cfg. If you scroll up with your mouse you will find a chapter called server.cfg and in it some explanations of the following commands...

BUT be aware that after every mapchange your server.cfg is loaded again, so every change you've made using rcon is lost in a new map!:


rcon mp_timelimit 45

rcon mp_winlimit 14

rcon mp_maxrounds 21

rcon mp_roundtime 4

rcon mp_freezetime 4

rcon mp_buytime 1

rcon mp_startmoney 800

rcon mp_c4timer 35

rcon mp_flashlight 0/1

rcon mp_footsteps 0/1

rcon mp_autoteambalance 0/1

rcon mp_limitteams 0/1

rcon mp_friendlyfire 0/1

rcon mp_tkpunish 0/1

rcon mp_autokick 0/1

rcon mp_forcecamera 0/1

rcon mp_allowspectators 0/1

rcon mp_spawnprotectiontime 10

rcon sv_timeout 40


Unfortunately it happens that after an update some commands are not working anymore, hopefully Valve will change that in a next update.



Last edited by Lady Racquel on 02-02-2005 at 05:32 PM

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Hmm i just got fast internet so i then quickly went out and bought source and wow all i can say is its freakin awesome, the only problem i have ran into is my moniotr is like litterally ten years old and sucked balls back then so um ya its hella dark. but its and awesome game, what i was wondering though is are there like any newbie servers? You know servers just for newbies or rookies to paly on?

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Hello, i am the leader of the {-LJ-} Clan CS Server. Right now it is located in Chicago, but is moving to Verginia, or New York, in a week. Here is the chicago IP:

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Hi, i represent Clan Miniature Combat we are a UK clan we have a 75tick 12player server hosted by e-frag <_<Miniature combat bar 'n' grill

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Share on other sites MANIA Team Fortress 2 Server # MANIA Team Fortress 2 Server # MANIA Team Fortress 2 Server #3gore.man1a.com:27015 MANIA 1.6 Gore #1 SuperHero [saveXP]gore.man1a.com:27016 MANIA 1.6 Gore #2 SuperHero [saveXP] Cs.Man1ak#4 Classic MANIA CSS Deathmatch #1 CSS Deathmatch #2 WarCraft 3 #1 WarCraft 3 #2 MANIA WarCraft 3 #3 all the mania servers u nead anticheat from http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ SprintNet Deathmatch Classic @ KAJGANA @ KAJGANA #1 #2 KabelNet Deathmatch KabelNet GunGame KabelNet Classic Alfa Beta Online server ? mol Deathmatch #1 Deathmatch #2 GunGame #1 GunGame #2 PUBLIC #1 PUBLIC #2 PUBLIC #3 Public search engines for servers:

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error with servers

Post Your Server Ips


When I use mania servers about half way thru I get some foreign message saying something about anti cheat, and also the entire man1a website is in english can anyone help me?


-question by Jared

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Well first off Im the leader Of TEAM|EXT Some clan's may know us some won't if you don't play cal or on my server
Here is my public server 100*tic San diego

IP= teamext.ventgaming.com


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