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Sonicstage The most pile of crap software ever.

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I'm here to rant about SonicStage and how it is the most useless piece of *BLEEP* I have ever had the misfortune to use.It first started off with the software not recognising my Winamp playlist but I managed to fix that after a while.Then when I tried to add a list of songs to my minidisc it would crash after converting a few of them and nothing was transfered. After much swearing and nearly hit my laptop I realised sonicstage can't convert WMA format into ATRAC3 (Sony's own form of audio compression. ) This really pissed me off because I recorded most of my albums in WMA format. I've now changed and gone back to high bitrate MP3 which I now realise is better. At medium bitrates a lower WMA would sound almost the same as a slightly higher MP3 and took up less space. But that's not the point anymore.So I left my computer running to convert the WMA files to MP3. That problem was sorted.Then when I tried to copy some MP3s over to the minidisc it gave me an error that I 'didn't have enough rights to access the file information' or something along those lines. What the hell does this mean? To solve this all I did was delete the song from the playlist then copy it back on in Sonicstage. The MP3 then transfered with no problems. So what should take 30mins - hour took nearly 3 hours.And why does Sony insist on using ATRAC3 when MP3 is a much better quality. Filesizes I'm not too sure about. Surely having native support for MP3 (and maybe some other file formats) would make life quicker instead of having to convert our music first then put them onto minidisc. Surely the latest range of NetMDs can handle this. I know media players can do this but I don't want an MP3 player. They are too expensive for me and I like the fact I can plug my minidisc into other sources and record directly from them. I like the fact that the battery can last for what seems like days and only runs off 1 AA battery. I like the fact that I can use 1 gig minidiscs to continually expand my portable music collection. Yes they are quite expensive but they fit a lot of music on each. And over the years I'm sure an MP3 could easily be filled up with no way of expanding it's capacity.I just hate the software that Sony has decided to use. Surely they can get some proper programmers in to make a software that is much more versatile and user friendly. And start adding native MP3 support. You know you want to Sony.

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