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Yo i was wandering if someone could help me with something else...
because u all are so good with graphics :blink:
I need to change my Navigationbar from my squad site, this is the menu bar:

CLick here

That is the Navigationbar from my site only this is what i want te change:
These words need to change:
Home = Home
About = Members
Products = Forum
Services = TeamSpeak
Contact: Call Of Duty

If its possible do this as vast as possible
Thnx for so far;)

Notice from jlhaslip:
Converted to url. Too wide of a graphic. Removed signature.
Aslo, there were reports of PM's being sent directly to Graphic atrists. This is not correct. Simply post your requests here and the GFX crew will respond. Thank you.

Edited by jlhaslip (see edit history)

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