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Us Nuclear Weapons In Europe Does the US realize cold wars over?

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This February 2005 NRDC paper pieces together evidence from an array of sources to show that the United States is still deploying 480 nuclear weapons in Europe. Until now, most observers believed there were no more than half that many still left on the continent. The continuing presence of these weapons irritates relations with Russia, undermines global efforts to dissuade other nations from developing nuclear weapons, and impedes NATO's post-Cold War evolution. The Bush administration and the NATO alliance should address this issue as a matter of global nuclear security and remove all U.S. nuclear weapons from Europe.

It's a bit disturbing the U.S. has so many weapons it can't even keep them all inside itself. They are practicly inviting terrorists to steal them from bases on foreign ground where they probobly can't defend themselves without stricking an international incident. It shines some light on why some countries don't want to give up nuclear weapons or want some of their own when they have a nuclear weapon pointed at them right from their own backyard.

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