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Best Private Ro Server Around!

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Yes yes I know it's hard to believe, but Indeed I've found one of the best RO servers out there!


Here are some lovely reasons why AnimaRO is the RO for you!


1.)  Unlike high-rate servers that use emulator software such as Athena or Freya, we provide a more authentic gaming experience, closer to the official servers. Aegis 8.5 supports advanced classes, super novices and wedding skills.  Our rates are 5/5/3, one of the rare few that are closest to the original rates.  Best server for an original gaming experience.


2.)  We rent dedicated servers (presently two 3 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM machines) from a professional data center.  Although this is more expensive, it proves to be a lag-free experience, something everyone will love!  After all Quality over quantity!


3.)  We make daily, automated off-site backups of our game databases.  Even if we experience a rare (but not completely avoidable) catastrophe such as a hard disk crash, you will never lose more than one day of work on your characters.  Something we all appreciate!  I've been playing this server for a while now, and have yet to deal with a rollback, our staff is all about keeping the server rolling smoothly, and gameplay at it's best!


In December 2004, a major server named UltimaRO shut down permanently because its database was destroyed by hackers and there were no current backups. 


4.)  You can download kRO Sakray directly from our server without having to deal with file sharing programs, broken links, or overloaded download servers.  So for you slow connection people, it's just user friendly!  I hate searching for obscure files for RO, when the server refuses to host their own downloads!


5.)  We have a web-based control panel, and a fast loading forum, with easy to read font!  Change your password, or post a forum-based shop anytime!


6.)  We will never wipe the server (example: accounts, characters, zeny, items).  The most commone reasons for a full server wipe are as follows.


                          :D A.)Database Corruption: We keep daily database backups. We would never have to wipe due to database corruption; the worst would be a one-day rollback.

                                :(  B.)Software Upgrade: If a newer version of Aegis is released, we will not upgrade to the new version until your accounts can be converted in their entirety.

                        :D    C.)Excessive Cheating: Individual rollbacks can be used to control this; a wipe is overkill. In August 2005, some players exploited an NPC and upgraded dozens of items to +8-10. Some of these items were subsequently traded to other players. But with our logs, we were able to roll back every single one of those items.


Lookin good so far right?  I thought so...but that's not all!


7.)  We strive to keep a friendly environment on the server. In July 2005, there was a guild whose players consistently kill-stealed, spammed and harassed many other players. After making sure that these players were indeed malicious (some by their own admission!), we banned most of them.


8.)  Same-sex couples can benefit from marriage skills on our server. Marriage skills can provide great benefits in combat, but on most servers, two characters must be of the opposite sex in order to get married.


9.)  We have Custom NPCS to provide convienances to all players!

The resetter enables you to redistribute your skill/stat points for a fee, so you would never have to restart a character due to messing up your build.

The healer will heal your HP, so you don't have to sit in town waiting for your HP to heal.

The hairdresser allows you to change your hairstyle and hair color at will.

The custom headgear NPC provides access to some headgears unique to this server.


Ok, now I know it's soundin pretty good now....but still more!



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We have weekly events, WoE, and as of sept 2005, very few level 99 jobs.  Time to shine!  Prompt help with any issues, and most MVP cards are implemented.  (who hasn't wanted to see a doppleganger card in action?)


The GM team is also dedicated to a number of things, from maintenance, to bot hunting.  Yes that's right, we have a GM specifically to keep bots out.  That means a stable and flourishing economy!


Our GM team is very strict on GM hiring to prevent GM abusage.  We'd rather be short on GMs than have the possibility of abuse arise.


Server info: 


Server Rates:

5x / 5x / 3x

Server Specs:

These are all hosted on a 10mbit connection to give our users an almost lagless Ragnarok experience.

We will upgrade the server and connection as our community grows.

The Episode 8.5 Zone:

Super novices

Transcendent classes

A new town called Ayothaya

A new town called Einbroch

Level 4 Weapons fully implemented


Questions?: Leave a post here, I'll be sure to check on your comments or questions.


Notice from KuBi:
Might as well just quote this all now, since it's all copy/pasted from your site. Nice job answering yourself btw. Warning Issued.

Edited by KuBi (see edit history)

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I'll give your server a shot, though currently AeRO is the top RO server for me. 4 Servers with different rates, and whatnot. Also, I saw your banner from another forum that I go to. :D

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Why thank you for deciding to give us a try. I think you'll enjoy yourself, and I sorely hope you stay for a while. If you need any help at all, you can contact me in game on Rhyshu

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Thanks! I'm glad you want to join us! If either of you need any help with anything seriously, send me a whisper. Rhyshu is my in game name, and I'd gladly help with any of your needs

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