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Photoshop Lessons in Videos


These video lessons required Quicktime Player



Creating Depth of Field. Create more depth of field and enhance the color in a image. QuickTime Movie (5.7mb)


Convert Raster to Vector. By high demand! Convert raster/scanned images to vector or Illustrator files. QuickTime Movie (10.7mb)


Remove People out of Photos. Have something or someone in a photo and you want to remove them? Awesome! QuickTime Movie (10.5mb)


Surprise Tutorial. The first video of the suprise series. Watch it to find out! QuickTime Movie (5mb)


Retouch a stained portrait. I'll show you a color match secret I use on a retouching job. QuickTime Movie (6.5mb)


Creating Dotted Lines. Create vertical dotted lines and dotted boxes in Photoshop. QuickTime Movie (5.5mb)


Enhancing Photographs. Watch me take this dense image of a lake and turn it into an awesome colorful photograph. QuickTime Movie (6mb)


Software Box with reflection. Create a 3D software box or book with a glass reflection. QuickTime Movie (5mb)

Notice from mayank:
Please make sure that you have to add quotes tag in everything which is copied.
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Moved to resources section from tutorials!Well, this is not a tutorial by you and in tutorial section you have to make sure that you are putting you own stuff over there..not a copied stuff.Because it will be a great resource so moved it to resources!

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Thanks for sharing, although I don't really like video tutorials. Sometimes they go to fast and we have to pause it and rewind because we forgot something. Sure it shows you exactly how to do it but I think that written tutorials are better. You can go back a step real easily when you messed something up.

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I wached that video tutorial about new stuff in CS2there arent many infos there, but hey... it helped me realy a lot.especialy that tutorials about Adobe Bridge, im not using that becouse im usualy on linux... but on windows would make a good chose.

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