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Hlsw (gaming) Tutorial Used if you have admin on servers

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1. Download HLSW



2. Install the LATEST most recent update possible or there would be no point of you trying to use HLSW with the old version.


3. Once installed there should be a desktop icon if you checked the box during the setup. Now click on the icon and open HLSW.


4. At top you should see "Server List" on the side of it, it should be set at "Custom Server List"


5. Right under is IP/Port, type in the server ip and port



6. Below the top part if a big white box. Inside you should see the server and its information as if your on your favorites list on CS


7. Click on it and then procceed to the top again. Underneath IP/Port there are a series of multiple buttons. Click the second button the one that looks like a key to hide/show the tabs at the bottom


This is for gamers only, many people have asked how the heck you use this program so this is a tutorial i made


8. Once you locate the tabs at the bottom click on "Rcon Config" If brings you a empty box. Type the server rcon password on there and click test to the right hand side of it. Beneath it should say "Status : Ok" If it doesnt its the wrong rcon password.


9. Click and make sure both boxes "Hide and Save" are checked and look to the right hand side. You should see "Receive Server Log" with 2 buttons below. Click on "Get Log ( Internet )" You should see a box saying "Successful receiving server log"


10. Now move on to the "Ban List" tab. Click it and click the Update button, wait a few seconds and you should see an updated list of ALL perm. banned people in the list. If you want to add/remove people the box is to your left jsut add the IP/ID


11. Now move on to the "Change Level" tab on the botton. Click it and click the Update button again, wait a few seconds and should see an updated list of every map on the server. These are the maps the server can go to and you can change the map from there. You can also do AMX Map Vote on the banlist tab making it very useful to vote on the next map.


12. Go to the chat tab on the bottom. Click on it, you can see everyone what their typing dead/alive/team. On the left side you see "/say" this is for rcon. "Amx_say" is for regular amx chatting, "amx_chat" is for only the admins on HLSW or that have AMX to see. Below those are amx_psay(NAME) this feature allows you to private message people in the server.


13. Now go on to the "console" tab. This is a full console as in game and shows you everything you can figure out whos on rcon with this console also.


14. Above all of this are 3 boxes divied into 1 section and 2 on the other side. The Left section gives you server details and how its running, the right gives you the Player names and what-not below it.


15. The player name section is VERY VERY useful. You can right click on their name giving you a wide various amount of choices. You can Kick/Ban, use AMX Slap/Slay and other various features with this.


16. With all of this your all set to use HLSW

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Hlsw (gaming) Tutorial


Hello what is the command for unbann on HLSW tell me when you know it


-reply by Kevin

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Console controles

Hlsw (gaming) Tutorial


What should I write in the console so I can desactivate the pasword. I know how to put it, but I don't know how to take it.

To put it you write:

Sv_password(and next to it the wished password)

To know wath is the currente password you write:


But what should I write to deavtivate her???

Answer me soon...


-question by X.X.X.

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how to take of password

Hlsw (gaming) Tutorial


Replying to iGuest


Hey dude, the way to take off a server password is this


Ma_rcon (or just rcon) sv_password " "


That is space, speechmarks, space, speechmarks


Got it??





-reply by marcus

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