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Recipe For Star Wars a Poem

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Recipe for Star Wars



Disclaimer: I do not own anything Star Wars.

Rating: PG13

Time Period: Prequels. Attack of the Clones period.

Summary: Poem about how to make Star Wars!



Take a shiny dagger

Add a cool laser

And that's the recipe for a lightsaber!


Take a body builder

Add a psychic trainer

And that's the recipe for a Jedi master!


Take a dirty mugger

Add a person who's not a hugger

And that's the recipe for a tricky smuggler!


Take a pretty pearl

Add a person who can make people hurl

And that's the recipe for a spunky princess girl!


Take a bit of alien gore

Add a spaceship that can soar

Put in a wookie that can roar

Add a planet you can tour

And that's the recipe for Star Wars!




DO you love it or what???!?!?

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