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Thinking in terms of the character (or characters) you play as most often, what kind of situation is going to cause you to want to interact with another character when there's no previously established friendship between you and the other player?
Do you prefer when other characters:

A) Come in looking for assistance with a problem or injury?

:P Come in fist and or guns flying looking for a fight?

C) Ask your character a direct question pertaining to your appearance or surroundings?

D) Come in skanked up like a Vegas Show Girl looking to provide you with some cheap entertainment?

E) Come in offering assistance/ advice?

Or do you prefer some option I haven't thought to mention?

I'm curious because I've been seeing a lot of situations where users ignore each other, leading to an evening of RP ehere everyone skulking around in the dark corners pouting. I know I'm guilty of ignoring anything that I feel is sub-par, but I'm looking to try to get my characters to be a little more social and it would be really hard for me to improve that if I keep doing the same wrong things that cause users to have their characters not be receptive to my own..

Thats the question. Quoted from RPG Host Community Forumshttp://forums.rpghost.com/showthread.php?t=38437

My reply was:

Well here are my thoughts/opinions...
If anything, "A". I wouldn't mind helping someone out. (Healing, etc.) But if they make up this story about coming from some big battle, and is half dead and happens to wander upon me, i'll leave. ŹŹ

But if I happen to witness you fight, i'll consider helping. But some people make up these big battles just for attention.

My comments of the other options are:

"B"- That pisses me off. Especially when i'm trying to have a nice, mellowed out RP with someone and then here comes "Night_Stalker" (Not a real username as far as i'm concerned.) and then "Night_Stalker ruins it by attacking everyone with his Über, and unstoppable powers. :P

"C"- Thats stupid from my point of view. Well depending on whether or not there is a room discription, and did the people role-playing in the room actually read it. That can be handled OOC or via whispers if there are any questions pertaining to the area, surroundings, etc. Why IC? Its just a excuse to make a big 10 liner post. The average RPer's posts are 75% of their surroundings, climate, area. 15% of Role-Play. And 10% Of chatting; but IC.

"D"- Well, that rests in the hands of the staff. Pfft. Some girl (For all you know) enters your room with a hot picture and seductive profile, and you end up grinning and smiling at her, you move to another room, then to a private room and you notice.. -Hot Diggity Dogg!- its 3:00 A.M. And you two finally move to a private room. (And you know what comes after that; -Cyber, Cyber, and more Cyber-. Quite frankly, I don't "flirt", or role-play in a sexually mannered way.
Have you ever thought that the person you are talking to could be a man? --And you've cybered with his "female character"-- Like some person you've know for a while, and you somehow find out its a guy, that would kill you. Just a thought, though. 
I'm sure everyone here has given that just a little, tiny, bit, of thought.

"E"- Why do that IC, goto the Construct. (If it's advice on RP.) But if another player is on a quest or something and asks for help, its really no biggie.

Sometimes these things are needed in a role-play. Otherwise it'll be dull. Think about it. You are just walking, and you somehow bump into the person in the middle of a forest () and you have a very, very, very short conversation and they'll be sighs here and there. And the converse STOPS. And it gets boring. 

And lastly for my extra comment.

Don't you just hate it when those "corny role-players" invade your room? >_< It irks me to no end.
Here is a short senario...
~Inuyashsa~Rocks~ walks down the slanted valley. He had been looking for love for a while. He looked at the sky and sighed. "When will I find her."

[You]>[You] I can't believe i'm whispering to myself, but this guy is a fecking lame.
I probably didn't do as good as I expected with the senario, but I hope that, and the rest of my post gets my point across. I hope my little "addition" to this thread will praised.

(Remember this was based on pure opinion!)

Who agrees? I would have made this a poll, but nah. Just post on whether or whether not you agree with my briefing on role-playing in a chat based system.

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