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Where Were The Kings? A new puzzle

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By Chuck Gaydos


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Suddenly, in the compartment across the aisle, a shot rang out! Most guns don't fire gradually, after all. The gunshot was followed by the sound of footsteps running toward the rear of the train. Police Inspector Forrest Peddler, who was was escorting his young nephew to a championship chess tournament, threw open the door of their compartment, but too late. The culprit had disappeared into the next car.


In hot pursuit, the inspector finds only one occupied compartment in the next car. Its door is open and inside are two men sitting at a chess board. Charging in, inspector asks "Did either of you see someone run by here?" The startled men each denies seeing anyone, explaining that they've been concentrating intensely on their game before being rudely interrupted. "Liars!" shouts the inspector. "It doesn't take a grand master to see that the placement of the pieces on your board can't arise in a real game! This board has been set up in haste." Symbolically removing the kings from the board, he declares "Game over, gentlemen."


Then inspector's nephew, on his way to play in the tournament, says "Wait, Uncle! I'm not so certain that you're right!"


Where were the kings?


PM if you have the answer and i will tell you if you are right. do not share your answer as to not spoil it for the rest of us.


Good Luck and have fun!


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