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What Is? The Easter Bunny! The Moral Behind the Story

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Easter, according to biblical scholors, is the time of year where christians everywhere celebrate the rezurection of Christ. Yet what does a bunny have to do with anything, or chicken eggs? The origins of the Easter Bunny and the accosiation of multi-color hardboiled eggs are basically rooted at anchient pagan festivals celebrated by christians. The bunny has a very important character back in their mythology and that is, the fact that Vistara (Godess of Dawn) had a companion known as a hare (rabbit). This kind of Mythology slowly became accociated with Easter because they are both springtime events. This association with fertility and re-birth eventually evloved into a christian religion. The coloring of easter eggs was based long before Christianity somewhere in the Ukrane. When the Greek Church began to take over the people continued to paint their eggs, they naturally incoporated this custom into the Easter celebrations.

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