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13th Airborne Regiment A Call Of Duty 2 Clan

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13th Airborne Regiment Is Recruiting. Our Website Is Coming Soon. This Clan Is Only For Call Of Duty One , Call Of Duty United Offensive, And Call OfDuty 2. We Do Also Play Other Games. We Have Many Allied Forces And Have Many Mature Members. Here Are The Rules To Join 13th.



Must Be Over 13 Age.

Must Be respectful

Must Have Call Of Duty Series

Must Be Kind And Show Loyalty

Must Be Trustworthy

Must Be Active.

Must Have Xfire

Once This Is Done Please Add Me In Xfire. HANBITKANG31793.


Also For Any Other Questions Please Email Me at hanbit31793@sbcglobal.net


Here Are My Important Chat Messangers Or Contact List.

Email: hanbit31793@sbcglobal.net

YIM: hanbit31793@sbcglobal.net

AIM: nathankang0

XFIRE: hanbitkang31793


Personal Site: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Phone: 1-310-467-7426.


-Kang B)

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Please Do Not Request Rankings Or Server Admin If In My Clan. You Will Automaticaly be Suspended For One Week From The Clan. I Dont Care If You Quit Cause Its Your Fault.


All Inactive Users Will Also Be Kicked From Clan In Three Months After They Join. This Is To Organize The Clan And Keep It Clean. I Am Not Keeping A Clan That Is Totally Inactive. Thank You.


We Are Holding Up For 10 More Recruits This Month. After Ten The Rest Of You Will Be In Replacements Round. If You Would Like To Join Please PM Me Thank You.

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erm hi my name is tom finch and im from england. i hav bin in a cod 2 clan before but we had to part for the clan leader cud not find time to keep us going. At that point we were goin strong in clanbase. anyway i meet all your requirements and shud hopefully b able to do well im 14 i hav xfire, msn, ts, ventrilo i hav a pretty gud ping and own cod 2, bf2, bf2 sf, mohaa, mohsh, mohbt and hope to soon hav a new computer. i will add u on xfire and hopefuly i can join u guys.

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Id like to say that i have the whole cod series and i would like to join but problem is i play on the ps3 console is it possible for me to still join ?If you want i can prove myself worthy

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