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Starting Out With Gfx A complete tutorial for sigs and stuff

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So how do we make GFX? Good question. Here's some misunderstandings:


You DON'T download the backgrounds

renders don't have to be 3D, it's different.

it takes like 3 minuites per sig

if you have a good eye for art, it's easyer for you

brushes are more like stamps


Ok, so let's get started. First, get photoshop. If you cant, use the gimp

It's free. Don't worry.


Let's download some brushes. Go to deviantart. Go to browse, then under the first thing go to 'resources' and then on the bottom box look for 'gimp brushes' or 'photoshop brushes'

here's the links to the two


photoshop- http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

The gimp- http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


You can use deviantart for alot of other stuff too B)


Install the brushes. look it up in the manual, I don't know how to for photoshop. In the gimp, you just drop the brushes into the brushes folder in wherever you installed it to. That's it.


So what is a graphic work?

The background is a solid color, with brushes over it. For a dark color, use white. For light colors, use black brushes. Check out the different tyypes of brushes.


Make a color for the background, (you can use black and change the color balence later) and brush over it with ONE type of brush for now. Once you get what you like, go to color balence in the filters menu or tools menu and change the color untill you get something cool. Then find a render. You can find tons of these, try saintmichel's directory on filefront. PM him about it, or search the resources in this forum. GEt a render, and under the file menu select 'open as layer'


Find a good place to put it, depending on whatever it is facing for...


OK, now you can add a noise filter for an 'extreme' look to it. Add filters to the bakground too if you want.


Thre are tutorials on other types of sigs, like where you use just filers for the background. Look around. This is just to give you an Idea and get a kickstart, just look at what happened to my first sig, I had no clue what I was doing:


Posted Image


So good luck on your sigs and GFX, it's generally the same thing for all graphic projects. Thereare also some tech border stuff you can do, just look around this forum, it's a good resource. I'm off.

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