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Fred Hatamian

Armenia, The Country A topic about Armenia, the country

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I am Armianian and since many people never heard of the counry or dont know much about it i will tell you. Armenia is a very beautiful counry with friendly people and it is the first country that accepted Christianty and because of that it has one of the oldes Christian churches around. The landscape is ver rough and there are many mountains. It is covered with rich coulture. It s like a mixture of Small Italy and Russia. It also has a very modern citty Yerevan(capital of Armenia). It is covered with cofe shops, arcades, clean streets, beautiful buildings stors, hospitals and other such things. It is almost like Greece and is a very good tourist attraction. Many new religions have had their origin in Armenia and you can see many sings of them today. So for your next vacation Armenia would be a good choice.

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Is the Armenian tourist board paying commissions to people or something cos we had a very similiar thread to this not so long ago.

Quick question for ya, do all Armenian surnames end in ...ian?


i dont know about the cmmisions question. But I can tell you that not all armenian surmames end with ian ther is yan and there are many other like Mastots, or many end with y or i its just that yan and ian are more common.

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