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So How About That New Castlevania Game?

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I just got Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow for DS and I am impressed. If you've played Aria of Sorrow, it is very similar, but they improved a lot. First of all, I know it shouldn't matter much but it really does, it is beautiful graphically. Everything is really detailed and smooth, and there are some neat special effects. There are a lot of enemies and some really creative powers. Many of the enemies are reminiscent of other Castlevania games, too. There are also lots of weapons. One of my favorite additions is that you can fuse weapons with souls to create more powerful weapons.


I think I should mention the great music that fits with each different place, too, and the depth of the character interaction. They tell you what they think of each other and you get to see everything unfold. The only thing I've found to be a problem is that sometimes it takes a long time to get a certain soul from an enemy, but that's pretty small and is dwarfed by the good qualities (and there are a lot!) of this game.


Everyone who has a DS and enjoys Castlevania, unique blends of genres (RPG/adventureish/platformer with slight puzzle elements), or just good games in general should pick this up. I'm barely a third of the way through and it's been well worth the money already.

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