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How To Gain Fps In Css works

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1.) Go to your Steam Directory. (should be C:/Program Files/Steam)

2.) Go into SteamApps\(username)\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg and open config.cfg in Wordpad or Notepad.

3.) Go to the very bottom of the list and add this:

cl_cmdrate "101"cl_drawshadowtexture "0"cl_ejectbrass 0cl_interp 0.1cl_interpolate 1cl_phys_props_enable 0cl_radartype 1cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 1cl_scalecrosshair 1cl_show_bloodspray 0cl_show_splashes 0cl_showfps "1"cl_smooth 0cl_updaterate 101con_enable 1fog_enable 0fog_enable_water_fog "0"fps_max "500"gl_clear 1mat_antialias "0"mat_bufferprimitives "1"mat_bumpbasis "0"mat_bumpmap 0mat_clipz 0mat_compressedtextures "1"mat_dxlevel 70 // You can change the DirectX Level to 81 or 90 as wellmat_fastnobump "1"mat_fastspecular "1"mat_filterlightmaps "1"mat_filtertextures "1"mat_forceaniso 0mat_forcedynamic "0"mat_forcehardwaresync 1mat_loadtextures "1"mat_mipmaptextures "0"mat_numtextureunits "0"mat_picmip "2mat_reducefillrate "1"mat_showwatertextures "0"mat_specular 0mat_trilinear "0"mat_vsync "0"mp_decals 1muzzleflash_light 0r_3dnowr_3dsky 0r_avglight"0"r_decal_cullsize 1r_decals 0r_dispfullradius "0"r_DispUseStaticMeshes 0r_drawdecals 0r_drawdetailprops 0r_drawlights 0r_drawmodeldecals 0r_drawrain 0r_drawropes 0r_dynamic 0r_eyes 0r_lightaverage "0"r_lightinterp "0"r_lod -1r_mmxr_modellodscale "0.3"r_PhysPropStaticLighting 0r_propsmaxdist 500r_rainsimulate 0r_renderoverlayfragment "0"r_rootlod "2"r_shadowmaxrendered "-1"r_shadowrendertotexture "0"r_shadows 0r_specular "0"r_sser_teeth 0r_WaterDrawRefraction 0r_waterforceexpensive "0"r_worldlightmin "1"r_worldlights "1"rate 250000rope_averagelight 0rope_smooth 0rope_subdiv 0sv_voicecodec "voice_speex"

4.) File, Save.

5.) Now, right click config,cfg and make it "Read Only".

Now you're done. I went from getting 18-30fps, to 65-100fps, so it does work.

if you dont like the results, go back to the file, right click and uncheck read only. delete all the crap, then save, then Check read only, and your good

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