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Planetarium School Project

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owke we have another project again:



In a zoo called "Artis" is a planetaruim that is getting a make over.

We need to make some stuff to promote the planetarium. Our teacher encourages us to try to get girls from age 12 to 17 to enter the planetarium, so there must be something they will be intressted in too, because girls of that age aren't really intrested in space.


here is what we need to do (its not so much):


-We must make a video that has a lenght minimum of 30 seconds but not more then 60 seconds. That video will be showed outside of the planetarium, were visitors wait in line. (it will must be a informative and thrilling movie). We'll be using flash and premiere for it.


-we must make a radio commercial with a minimum lenght of 10 seconds and a maximum lenght of 30 seconds (but aim on about 15 to 20 seconds). This is kinda short so we will use about 3 centenses to say something thrilling about the planetarium. We will use Adobe Audition for this.


your help:

i can use your help with:

-a idea on the video, what should we make it of?

-Some cool centenses for the radio spot.



This project is about outer space. So i think we will aim at some cool techical stuff (think of star wars).



thanks allready ^_^


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