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Cesto Ode

X-box 360 Vs Playstation 3 please read

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X-Box 360


First out the gate, the x-box 360 is due to arrive in the uk this year.If that happens, Mirocoft will have valuable ime to get gamers buying its new console, without any competition.And the really good games should get here sooner, because progremmers will be used to the system earler.

The downside? On paper, the ps3 is much more powerful. Still, the graphics look awsome (and are real - i've played two games) and x-box live is set up to be better than befor


price gess - $300/350


The vital statistics - free basic Xbox Live package, all titles run 720p/1080i high def, i teraflop overall system performance, detachable 20GB hard drive! DVD discs, backwards compatible to an unspecified degree, Wi-Fi Optional extra


The Expert Opinion?


'Plenty Powerful, Although showing early gameplay rather that lavish demos at Ł3 has muddied expections. The most cohernt strategy console connectivity yet.'




Spring 2006 apparetly. We're betting that's

May for japan,

Augest for the US,

November for eroup


But when is dose arrive, the PS3 looks to wipe Bill Gates' Smirk of sharpish. It's packing theoretically double the power of the X-box 360. And sony has the big franchises locked already - including Metal Gear 4, Final Fantasy xii, and (proberly) the next grand theft auto. The catch? The visurals shown at E3 looked like movies not gameplay, the hard drive might be extra, the graphics processer dosn't exist, yet soneys online strategy is anyones gess?


Price Gess - $400/450


the vital statistics - 54GB Blue-Ray discs. 1080p high def supported, 2 teraflops overall system performance, backwards compatible inbuilt Wi-Fi


The expert opinion!


'potentially the most powerful consol. But grabbing the big brands really tips the ballance in sony's favour, final fantasy xii, the next gta and metal gear4


well what games are you goin gto get? Well...



Halo 3:Gears Of War


Ghost Recon 3!


Full Auto


The elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion






Killing Day


Motor Storm


Heavenly Sword


+ much, much more


I will give a review of the games close the time of the being out!

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Even with the forum modification, you still managed to post a topic that is identical to the one we ALREADY have.

Playstation 3 Vs. Xbox360 (19)

There are 19 replied to the thread and you could've been the 20th. USE THE SEARCH BEFORE MAKING A NEW TOPIC. Last caution note.

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