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Excite And Dog Pile Which multi-search engine is better?

Which Search Engine do like better?  

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In other forums I see debates over which search engine pwns the other. I say Excite. They both seach like 6 seach engines at once.


Both Engines





the only time i ever use Dog pile is when im bored searching google for something stupid, then switch my search to dogpile. Personally i dont think its too much of a search engine cause it only searches other peoples indexes which is just pointless, and a waste of time. lol either way Dogpile is better only cause ive never used excite.

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I have never used these two search engines in the past. As I clicked both the sites, it took much time for Excite site to open up.. loading time was very slow for a search engine site... Dogpile is much faster compared to excite. By looking at the name of these two search engines, one can sense that they are not made of the the best. Think about Google, Yahoo, the names themselves express alot, forget about their performances.Therefore, my verdict goes to dogpile. It is the piling up of most of the search engines at one website. I'm not a fan of these two sites but am happy when people reach my site using these two search engines.

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