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Not Really Hot News but look at it

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Notice from cmatcmextra:
Yeah, you just copied that article from the given url but in code tags. Use quote tags. And also the pinned topic only permits the copying of small paragraphs. Removed copied text. Also Not Really Hot News is hardly descriptive. Warned.

Do you believe that races are different or are we all created equal. Are black people dumb, white people average, and asians geeky? Is there a reason whey chinese and japenese do well in school while blacks struggle but are more athletic? I think the article is true, but they probably don't apply to everyone. i do believe that different races exist even if our genes are not that different. However, like the DOI said, all men (and WO men) are created equal. But the author does make some valid points about the different kinds of races. i wonder if hes black, white, or yellow. read some of it below.

insightmag dot com/main.cfm?include&storyid=210980


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I think it's stupid to think that the major races aren't different from each other. After the original evolution of humans, the people spread out and adapted to each new place that they lived. The things that the author observed can be easily explained:


In Africa, there are a lot of grasslands and jungles, where dangerous animals live. People would probably spend more time making sure that they could escape or protect themselves from the animals rather than sit and think about stuff.


In East Asia, there's less to worry about, and the cultures like the Chinese have been thinking and inventing things for hundreds of years, sometimes long before other cultures thought about them (paper, gunpowder, pasta, etc.).


The other parts... are just other. There's really nothing special about Europe and far West Asia, so the rest of the people just sat there and didn't do much.


You can trace the features, strengths, and weaknesses of any culture to where that culture evolved and what kinds of factors effected them.

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