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this one from chat :ph34r:


Hacher - can someone give me idiots ip address. I will hach him

Anonymus - here's one

Hacher - tnx man. now this idiot is history

Anonymus - have the fun

//auto message - 'Hacker' has left the chat

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:huh: geekyest of all geek jokes:So theres this guy, and he goes into his java compiler and he types in: var fox=wire;...Later when he's surfing the web his computer says: "when do you think i was made 1394?!? use safari!"

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qwertyiscoool - Hey man, did you know if you type you pword into aim it blocks it out! Watch: ????? :huh:

macaddict9000 - Really?

macaddict9000 - Design

macaddict9000 - it didnt work...

qwertyiscoool - yeah it did, its just that you can't see it on your computer.... i saw ??????!

macaddict9000 - Really!? wow thats cool.

qwertyiscoool - yep, when you type in design, i see ??????

macaddict9000 - Cool! Hey wait a minute, how did you know my password?

qwertyiscoool - oh, er

qwertyiscoool - i just coppied the asterics, and since its back on your computer, it unblocks it!

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