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Everything You Need To Know About Sigs/renders all you need to know

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since alot of people have been asking alot of questions about what are sigs how do i do them what are renders etc. etc. so lets start with the basics




A render is a image cut from its original background. here is an example of that:


click here



A sig is a graphical repusentation of your handle in a forum like Xisto.com, it consist of a render, brushed background and text.


Brushes: These are files that are loaded up in adobe photoshop which have different shapes, sizes and style.


Grunge:this style of brush consist of scratchy, fuzzy look to them, used mostly to fill in areas that abstract brushes are use or to help blend in a render into the background.


here is a example of a grunge background.


Posted Image


Astract:This type of brush consist or shapes of circles, squares, triangles and any other shape you can think of, this brush is mostly used for to give the background depth to break up the flatness of the image and to give the light and dark contrast to it as well to give the background some shadow or brightness to it.


here is an example of a abstract background.


Posted Image


Fractal:This type of brush consist of many lines that go into all different directions, this is used mostly used as a seperate style of background away from abstract and grunge, but can been seen mixed between those 2 brushes.


here is an example of a fractal background.


Posted Image


Tech:This style of brush is mostly consist of high tech futuristic design, like scimatics to a motherboard to a computer. here is an example of a tech background


Posted Image



Vector:This style of background is freehand design using the pen tool, mostly to give a 3-d like feel to it, will post more ifo on this style.

click here for a vector design


Now for the types of sigs basically their is 2 types standard and pop-out


Standard:Basically a sig in standard size like 400x135 look at the examples above.


Pop-outbascially this sig is when a render goes outside the standard size background and made to blend with anybackground that it is posted on


here is an example of a pop-out sig.


Posted Image


So this is some basic info on what sigs and renders are, we have many resources in the forums about what i describe in this topic.


so if you like ot add anything to this or have questions go ahead and post them here.

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