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Blame 4 Microsoft MSN

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dear 2091 , your information is very good. But the font of your post is not easily readable. I suggest you to write some simple font. Anyway it is only a suggestion, choice is yours offcourse!

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lol ... u always like to copy n paste but the words r not eye-friendly .. lol
i was oso infected by the msn virus .. it's called funny virus
u cant write msg or anything with ur msn n it will auto send virus to all ur contacts .. altho i dun think the threat is severe ..

if u r infected by this virus .. dl the antivirus here :


it's not an english site ..
just click the link below the msn logo and scan with the file will do :rolleyes:

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so i'll let the font go :rolleyes:


i hate viri. if i'll find someone who's writin' a virus against me - i'll kill him.


but... i have enought wartools and i just connect from accesspoints outside my home. so - who want 2 send me a virus? :angry:

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