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Looking For An Old Game about WC3

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OK now.. i am looking for this game i've seen someone play a few years back lol yeah i know... The game itself looked like WarCraft and the main menu was the one they have in WC also but the game play was different. You would only play with 1 char and it's online so everyone that is connected to your game or the person hosting it will start in same location and would have a house where you start to buy upgrades and stuff in. The mobs cannot get into this starting area because it's a safe zone. Then the one char that you play goes out gets points to lvl up while killing the mobs... and once again it all looks like warcraft. Does anyone know what this game is opr maybe its some kinf od addon to WC that i can download and install... i really want to find it. I hope it wasn't a beta version of WC :S... thanx

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hehe its most probably a custom map but i dont know which one because there is so many go online and look under custom games most of them there will be custom maps made by people nto blizzard :P and you may find the one you where looking for there well hope this helps a bit.

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