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Wolverines Revenge old review

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Story:Wolverines revenge is a game about wolverine b4 x-men2 its about his past and how he finds out he has a virus implanted in him and if he doesnt get a cure he will die so he has to go find the doctors that gave him the claws and then beat the cure out of em along the way he finds out more about his past and were he came from Graphics:The grapchis are not to good there not state of the art or anything it looks more like a late ps1 game than a nex gen gameGameplay:The gameplay is pretty good u can do all sorts of cool moves and comboes and once u attak enough ppl ur adrenaline goes up and u do extra damage and u can also unlock character bios and comics and costumes for wolverine Sound:Wolverines voice is done by mark hamil(the guy who played luke from star wars) and its not that bad it sounds like wolverine should the sounds for the guns and stuff arent that good either.so overall id give the game an 7.5 outtta ten cuz i liked it i thoguht it was fun its also old so it should be like 20$ or so

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