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School Project Gispen.nl

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Owke here's the story:


I'm now in a school that is for creative people. And now every year we get 5 assigments (rather big assigments) we just call it a project.

This assigment i have to finish in about 4,5 weeks.


The project:

The project is about Gispen. You can visit their website at https://www.gispen.com/ (you can view the website in engish and dutch).

This company makes furniture for offices. That the people there feel more confortable and better at their work.

Now Gispen has made a New type of furniture, and its up to us to promote that. We first had to chose between 4 types the furniture would be made in. We chose Nature. The only thing we have to do is to make a website, This website does have to have the style of the subject we chose, Nature that is. And in that website, only 3 pages have to be active. That is:


in the website:


-Home page

-A page with a promotion or discription video about the furniture

-and one you want.


The total website have to have:

-A video for promoting or to define that the furniture is really great.

-A 3d thing, that can be a logo or the furniture it self. (made in 3d max or anything)


The basic thing is that the website has to be in Html. You can add flash in there if you want. But you cant only use flash. We are going to make the website in Dreamweaver, (i'm learning that at school at the moment).

What i wanna try to do is, making a really cool website, but i doesn't have to be hightech or anything. It needs to be like relaxing like the nature is.


What i'm planning:


I'm thinking of making a intro page, wich has 4 pictures in it. That say the 4 subjects the furniture can have. But only the nature has to be active. When you click the Nature picture, it will link you to some kind of homepage that will explain the furniture. And if people dont understand it, there will be a link that opens the video that will promote and explain the furniture more.

The 3d object will acure in the homepage and the video page. (those will be rather the same only the contend will be different).

I do have to make sure that the navigation is smooth, and understandable for everyone.


What i need to know from you guys:

I need idea's for the design of the website, i still got no clue how to make it. Suggestions are always welcome :).




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i would suggest doing a flash layout, you got your video and 3d covered right their, and use a button to change it from english to dutch just like that, why bother with all that coding when you can just do it in less time and in less coding.unless you have no flash experiance stop by at pixel2life.com to pick up some pointers.

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well i can figure that all out :)i just need some design's for the html page.only if it are symbols or anything, just some idea's for the design.the video and flash aren't the problem.

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hmm well with the furniture do a profile like page for that show a picture of it and the stats of it and a brief description then below that put like a comment section for those who purchased the producted and what they say about it.if you want go to oswd.org to look at templates and see what they have, i seen some nice looking layout that might work for what your looking for.

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oke the project group desided that we make a style we all go with.

this style will be:


Abstract and blurry


with that i mean, like if you have a grass picture, you will make that abstract, and put over some gaussian blurs over that. Or that you use a picture of a leaf, and only use the outline, and delete the inside and put like a wood texture in that, and make that a bit blurry... (just some idea's)


so you guys got more idea's?

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