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ANYTHING in excess could kill. A 28-year-old man from Taegu. South Korea reportedly died of heart failure Tuesday after playing an online battle simulation game for 50 hours, according to a Reuters report.

The man, known only by his family name of Lee, started playing an online game in a cybercafe in August 3 and only left his seat to go to the toilet or to take naps on a makeshift bed.

It was not identified which online video game Lee was playing.

According to the Reuters report, Lee was still able to finish his game minutes before he died, apparently of exhaustion. It was reported that Lee recently resigned to spend more time playing games.

This was not the first time that a man died after a marathon video game session. In 2002, another jobless South Korean man died after playing 86 hours straight. The man collapsed inside a toilet in cybercafe and was said to have gone without food for nearly four days :)

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