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About And The Rules Of Shogi A Japanese Chess

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Shogi (japanese chess) is a famous game and mostly played game in Japan (with Go!). It is usually played on a 9x9 checkered board. It is played much like Westen Chess, but with few changes.When your pieces reach the last 3 rows of the opposite side you start at, you play choose to promote your piece. (you are forced to promote is the unit may not move in any direction.When you take a piece (killing your opponents pieces) you can put it anywhere on the field (instead of moving you piece for that turn) but it is controlled by you now.PiecesKing - May move in any direction 1 space. - Kings cannot upgradeGold - Gold can move in any direction, but [s-w, s-e] - Gold cannot UpgradeSilver - Silver can move [n, n-e, n-w, s-w, s-e] - Silver upgrades to Promoted Silver which move like Gold.Knight - Knight moves like in Wester Chess, 1 [w, e] and then 2 [n] these are the only units that may jump over other units. - Knights upgrade to Promoted Knights which move like Gold.Rook - Rooks move like they do in western Chess. - Rooks upgrade to Promoted Rooks which can now move in any direction 1 space aswell as any space [n,w,s,e]Bishop - Bishops move like they do in western Chess - Bishops upgrade to Promoted Bishops which can now move in any direction 1 space aswell as any space [n-e,n-w,s-w,s-e]Lance - Lances move in only 1 direction [n] they can move as many spaces as they want. - Lances Upgrade to promoted Lance, which move like Gold.Pawn - Pawns move like in western chess, but they do not attack [n-e, n-w] - Pawns upgrade to Promoted Pawn which moves like Gold.Droping rules - A dropped piece must be able to move (you cannot put a [lance] in the farthest row from you. - Check mating the king with a pawn drop is illegal. - You may only have 1 of your pawns per row. - You cannot drop a piece and promote it immediatly, it must move once.How to winYour goal is to check mate the every [king]Also if you opponent breaks a rule, you can say "ni fu" which means "you just lost the game" which is true, if you break 1 rule, you automatically lose.

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