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Foxie converter ie in firefox

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hey guys a find a tool to converter internet explorer in firefox is very good add many funtions: tabs, pop up block,etc check

What is Foxie?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Now you can surf the web with ease and comfort. Foxie (fox + ie; pronounced /Foxy/) is a collection of free security, privacy and productivity tools developed by the Foxie Team. It was originally designed to bridge the gap between Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox (an open source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation) but soon grew in scope and size to offer additional unique features not found on any stand alone browser.

Foxie empowers you to browse faster, more safely and more efficiently than with any other browser by blending tabbed browsing, ads & pop-up blocking, Malware cleansing and privacy & security protection with our smart search capabilities to enhance your browsing experience. Foxie is not a web browser and fits seamlessly into your IE browser.

Why Use Foxie?


Never see another ad, banner or pop-up again. AdBlock will block all internet ads replacing them with placeholders so it won't hinder normal surfing. Find out more...

Tabbed Browsing

View more than one web page in a single window with this time saving feature. Open links in the background so that they're ready for viewing when you're ready to read them. Find out more...


Groupmark all your favorite web sites (or the sites you visit daily) and open them all at once with one click!

Smarter Search

Smarter Search integrates seamlessly into Internet Explorer right into the Address Bar taking up very little space. Smarter Search provides fast access to weather forecasts, stock quotes, news headlines and more. Find out more...

Desktop Search

Find your files, documents, music, pictures, and even video hiding on your hard drive instantly. Search your browsers cache to view web pages youve seen even when youre not online. Find out more...

Security Firewall

Add an extra level of protection with this small yet powerful Firewall application especially designed to block out Adware, Internet Exploits, Spammers, Spyware, Worms and Trojans. Find out more...

Swift Sweeper (Adware & Spyware Remover)

Instantly scan and remove all Adware, Dialers, Error Hijackers, Homepage Hijackers, Hostile ActiveX, Key Loggers, Remote Hacking Tools, Search Hijackers, Spyware, Trackware and Trojan Downloaders. Find out more...


Block all Macromedia Flash content from loading on any webpage saving you bandwidth and CPU. Find out more...

Popup Blocking

Stop annoying popup ads in their tracks with Foxie's built-in popup blocker.

Privacy Cleaner

Erase traces of your online activities such as your Internet history, cookies, and auto-complete form entries. Find out more...

Privacy Shield

Built with your security in mind, Foxie comes equipped with a special HTTP Filter that scans information as it being passed by your browser, removing sensitive data when found. Find out more...

Secure Update

Routinely check for security and feature updates through our automated Secure Update system.

Infinity Button

The World Wide Web is as infinite as the universe itself. Do some exploring using the Infinity Button.

Fully customizable

Pick and choose which features you like, change the default start page, change the keyboard shortcuts, whatever, however, whenever, just the way you want it!

Setup's a Snap

At only 745KB, Foxie takes just a few minutes to download over a slow connection and seconds over a fast connection. The installer gets you set up quickly and the program integrates seamlessly into Internet Explorer - so you can start surfing right away.

http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ ;)

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Well basically Foxie is a program which is an another interface for IE....it never converts IE in Firefox....it just gives you few of the functionalities of Firefox.....as the guy mentioned above...now the best part of firefox is its RENDERING engine...i.e. the speed through which it shows the webpages...which is GECKO and I am sure that Foxie can't use that.Also if we look at the better alternatives of IE and someone dont want to use firefox then....what we can do is that we can use MAXTHON from http://www.maxthon.com/ and which is by far the best software which I can personally think of...as the best alternative.

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Foxy is NOT firefox. not even near firefox. It is just an interface to the ie.


I found Maxthon much better then other ie based explorers.


URL: http://www.maxthon.com/


Maxthon Internet Browser software is a powerful tabbed browser with a highly customizable interface. It is based on the Internet Explorer browser engine (your most likely current web browser) which means that what works in the IE browser will work the same in Maxthon tabbed browser but with many additional efficient features like...

Maxthon tabbed browser screenshot


    * Tabbed Browsing Interface

    * Mouse Gestures

    * Super Drag&Drop

    * Privacy Protection

    * AD Hunter

    * RSS Reader

    * IE Extensions Support

    * External Utility Bar

    * Skinning

    * And Much More to Explore...



Notice from wassie:
Please quote everything you copied past from an other website!
Edited by wassie (see edit history)

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i think IE is the best out of all of them, better looking, easier to use, plus why go through all that trouble to download a new one, when ie comes wready. i really think they are all the same, theres not much difference between them.. they still almost look all a like, i think ie is better because they've been around much longer so.

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Personally I dont see the point I mean all your doing there is making Internet Explorer look a little bit better and give it tabs, which (I think) you can do with an MSN toolbar or something like that. The core problem is still there and that is simply that IE has the weakest implementation of the W3C web standards, it has a string of serious security flaws, which are hightened in severity when you consider that most people use it, I mean one single exploitaton of these security holes could theoretically cripple 80% of all windows based PC's thats another of IE's big problems, its nigh on impossible to remove and wound so tightly with the Windows OS its prectically begging hack me, hack me. Seriously though if your going to get a 'skin' for IE to make it look like Firefox why not at least try Firefox out first. I mean what is their to lose. You never know you might even like it. (Sorry thats abit ranty, its been a long day and I'm tired)

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well why people go with firefox is that due to the fact that hackers have a harder time getting into a computer then with IE but im only guessing on that.

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Foxie still uses the MSHTML engine which has many flaws and is the reason that IE is insecure. Firefox uses mozilla's Gecko engine which is more secure than MSHTML. Don't use foxie unless you have the real need to use MSHTML

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I downloaded both of them focIE and maxthon....and they appear the be the same....But Maxthon has much more crap covering the screen, and is larger, and my proxie program will not work with it. Conclusion there is no substitue for firefox

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