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Microsoft Certified Assessment Tests see if you qualified

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i saw this link at microsoft.com, see how well you do on these assements, to see if you can qualify for the microsoft certicfication.


each test consist of 30 questions in which you have an hour to answer which is enough time for some of these tests


here is the list of tests you can take:


Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003

Windows XP

Supporting the End-User Desktop

Exchange Server 2003

SQL Server 2000


Office 2003

Windows Server 2003

Windows Storage Server 2003

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Visual Studio .NET

Desktop Deployment


post your resaults after you take them see what kind of skillz you all have.

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I took the Do Amazing Things With Windows XP test, and got 28 out of 30 in 24 minutes. Some of the questions are quite long winded and complicated. It is useful though to further your knowledge, especially if you are a bit unsure on using XP.

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well you could consider them long word problems, but yeah these questions could be answered quickly with or with out the knowledge you just have to look at key words and the answer will pop up.

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