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Hello, i sent this email some weeks ago to computinhost, but i haven't the answer yet ;-)

Hello, i have a free account on Xisto and i want to buy the  Computinhosts package 2E that comes with 500mb of space and 10 Gb of bandwith.
Before i buy it i want to know a couple of things:

1. The size of the Mysql databases is limeted ? Or if i want i can use the 500mb for it.

2. In the Xisto account this php function doesnt exist: imagefilter()(probably because is not compilated with the GD libraries),  it works in Computinhost?

3. I have a Windows application to put in the images table of the DB, 10 pictures of 60kb each one, when i do that, i lost the connection, but if a upload 10 pictures of 10kb each one, i haven't got the problem.

I'm getting the following error within my VB code: [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver][mysqld-3.23.27-beta-log]Lost connection to MySQL server during query.

My VB code is using Microsoft's OLE DB provider for ODBC, and mysql's odbc connector.

I read in some place that there is a max timeout parameter set by the hosting provider, i want to know wich is it?

I am waiting your answer

Thanks for your time...

Any of you have some ideas about my questions....



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mysql size is shared by your hosting package. So it depends on the package.no.This question is not clear. Please explain in detail.That is connection from Your PC I suppose to our MySQL Server. In that case, you should know that, the connection to the server is automatically closed after X interval. This is to auto shut open simultaneous connection. If you keep querying the database, it wont cut. Timeout Parameter : 60 seconds.

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