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  1. Just wanted to get an idea of everybody else's thoughts on this but does anybody else think that the hardware and gaming industry is moving way too fast for the average gamer to keep up? I have been playing games of one sort or another for about many years (we are talking about the days of 'The Hobbit' on my ZX Specturm) and technology has always moved at a swift pace but things seem to have gone mad recently. Game designers seem to be striving to achieve as much realism as possible in their games, making use of the latest graphics and cpu architecture available, whilst I think this is a nobel goal if feel that the average gamer cannot keep up. I would consider myself an average gamer and there is no way I can afford a system with 2Gb of ram or a ?400 top of the range graphics card paired with a high end cpu. I think that whenever benchamrks are run or games are reviewed there should be a section dedicated on 'this is how it runs on an average system' as well as the normal 'this is how is performs on our top end testbed system'. Ranting over, let me know your thoughts.....kservice
  2. You're right, the longer the cable, the longer it takes for the data to get there. The NICs use different chipsets, so that has a processing factor. The computers aren't identical, so there is that factor. The quality of the cables may even factor in some, the distance can factor in, EMI can factor in, etc. Depending on hardware configuration and the negotiation of each NIC, the best you could do is set both NICs to 100/full duplex in the NIC properties, then run the test. That will tell you the best possible performance you'll get from either NIC. Just because they're both 10/100 NICs doesn't mean they both operate at the same level.kservice
  3. You are going to get many recommendations and mixed results. The main problem is that *spyware* is ill-defined. When you get your machine be sure to keep current with the Windows updates and then install one or two of the free programs. I use AdAware and Spybot. But with ZoneAlarm pro having spyware detection these other two rarely find anything.kservice
  4. I've read back a few posts with interest and have noted most of the discussion on security is about anti-virus software. However although I have had problems with viruses in the past most problems on my computer (and many others, I suspect) are now caused by spyware that are not detected by anti-virus progs. I'm currently using an older version of windows but will soon be getting a new computer with windows xp. I've been experimenting on my current computer with a number of trial anti-spyware packages (there seem to be very many of them). These include: spybot (freeware) ad-aware (freeware) I've found that these freeware progs identify many of the more 'harmless' types of spyware (internet cookies) together with 1 or 2 of the more serious ones, but no more than that. Spyware doctor spy sweeper (by webroot) spyhunter true sword Of these I found that 'true sword' detected a good number (20 or so) of exe files that had been corrupted in some way by spyware (the exe files had either been copied to a different location and corrupted or were new exe files put on computer by malicious spyware). My question for discussion is therefore, what is the most effective anti-spyware program (or combination of programs)? My preference is one (or 2) that requires a single one-off payment in return for unlimited free updates (rather than one that requires regular subscriptions).andrescasta
  5. I have two computers on the same router. My Comcast advertise a max of 6 mbps. On testing one of my computers I get 5.5 mbps. On my other computer I only get 4.6 mbps. I am using the on board NICs for both computers. I got these numbers based on several runs on several days. One motherboard is Asus P4T533-c with a built-in Intel pro-100 ve NIC. (5.5 mbps) The other motherboard is GA-8IHXP 3.0 with a built-in Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC. (4.6 mbps) Does anyone have any idea why one computer is faster than the other? I used nyc.speakeasy.net to test the computers. The faster computer is connected to a 50 ft cat 6 cable to the routher. If anything I would think the computer running with a 3 ft cable should be faster. Something has changed, but I don't have a clue to what. I am pretty sure the speeds us to be equal. Any ideas? Could upgrading the router flash cause a problem? Any software to fully test the NICs? Best regards, andrescasta
  6. Though I'm not sure how disconnecting your son's computer from the LAN would be related to this, I think some people have had trouble related to their nforce4 chipset controlled network connection. You could try a secondary ethernet port, if you motherboard has one. You might also make sure that you have the latest nforce4 motherboard drives. Try running your system without nvidia active armor, if you are using your nforce4 network port and you have NAM installed. kservice
  7. If you want to stay cheap then you can kiss scsi good-bye. Other than the small scsi drives, 36 gb and 73 gb, your looking at $300 plus. Even some 73 gb are 300 plus. More memory will make your computer run faster. Less the computer uses the swap file the better. The only thing a faster hard drive will do is lower your boot times by a couple seconds. Stay with what you got and look into upgradeing other components that will give you a better speed increase.kservice
  8. I'm making some assumptions here since you didn't post your access-groups for the outside interface. But... You need to use a STATIC for the mail server. You tie the .8 address to the inside IP. You do still want it natted, otherwise the pix will just pass the private address out to the internet. The reason you are showing your IP as .12 is because of this: global (outside) 1 x.x.x.9-x.x.x.13 global (outside) 1 x.x.x.14 The first 5 people to connect out to the internet are getting 1 to 1 Nat. You happened to be one of them. After those 5 connections are done, everything else is PAT translated. There's no real reason to configure a pix like that. You can safell remove the "global (outside) 1 x.x.x.9-x.x.x.13" and let everything get PATted when browsing/whatever. Then define statics for inside servers (unless <shudder> you still have conduits, in which case you have to jack with conduits...) kservice
  9. I've read many reviews about the Sony camcorder Hdrhc1 and it seems like it is great amature camcorder for HD and quality is unbeatable. I really want to purchase this camcorder but I'm afraid I will regret it. Does anyone have any comments on this camcorder or prefer something else? The street price i found from cnet was bout 1700 and Newegg has it for about 1600 with free shipping... Is that a good deal? http://www.newegg.com/Common/MessagePage.aspx?MsgCode=-1&ID=10 kservice
  10. Remove the other hard drive and try installing with only the Raptor installed. Ensure that your BIOS is set to boot from the Raptor and not the IDE drive.
  11. I got a Dell D600 Centrino and I want to sell it. I would like to get a new laptop but now I see AMD has a kick **bottom** Turion CPU and I would like to know how does it compare with the Intel Centrino. I like my current Centrino because it runs cooler compared to the P4 and does the job done. How does the AMD compare with the Intel Centrino for the low power heat? Also for games, would the Intel Centrino or AMD be my choice. kservice
  12. Try disabling/lowering sound options, like 3D sound or something.kservice
  13. set the port range in the torrent program to a different range on each computer. Say 10000 - 10020 on one and 11000 - 10020 on the other. Go into the router and setup these two port ranges to go to each specific computer. It would also help to set each computer to a static ip address so it wont ever change. I did this on my two computers and works great.kservice
  14. What you need is a DVD authoring program. like WinDVD creator, or those that are included in the Roxio and Nero burning suite. You cannot just put the file on the DVD, you have to create a DVD and those apps will let you do just thatWith your burner, you had some software provided with?kservice
  15. Have you tried different PCI slot or switch with another card (ie. your Audigy)?If this not solve the problem do this:Backup and reinstall.. the best fix. ;-)kservice
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