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Mac Vs Windows

Whic is better?  

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i dont really know about mac since i like windows and own onw


The top 10 best sellers for WIndows:



i found


1.Battle Field 2

2.World of Warcraft

3.Guild Wars

4.The Sims 2

5.The Sims 2 University Expansion Pack

6.The Sims Delux

7.Zoo Tycoon 2-I have it ;)

8.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

9.Lego Star Wars




just to tell ya about the games :P

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Then you need to look harder Microsoft. There's one where the last post date was 1hr ago. And bureX, if you mean topics which ask about peoples personal preference (such as do you prefer butter on toast or on potatoes) then you're absoluetly right.





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