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Ipmp Nic Failover Configuration

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HiI need to setup failover on 2 NIC's on a Sunfire V240 running Solaris 9.I have researched the topic and it seems the best way is to have 3 IP's for the server. 2 deprecated physical IP's and logical 1 IP that the server is accesible by. You then group the interfaces into an IPMP group. The 2 physical links ping the gateway to check their status. The logical IP is used as normal.You setup the 2 deprecated physical links as fixed and then setup 1 logical floating IP. If all goes well, in case of a failure of a physical link, the floating IP will failover to the other physical link.I hope that makes sense? Anyway, my question is: Will the logical IP float back if the original failure is repaired?Doea anybody have experience with this? because I would like to discuss my configuration with them to see if Im doing it right.Thanks!kvarnerexpress

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