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Lineage2 Trick turning your dragon into a strider

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I guess Lineage2 > WoW

Anyways to those of you playing this game here's a trick to lvl up your dragon into a strider in a day or two:

get the latest version of walker if you are playing on a retail server if not then there is a specific walker versions other companies allow to dl for their own servers. Put the dragon on the account you log into with walker and log into another stronger char throught the game itself. Then when both chars are logged into the game you need to set w/e settings on ur bot ( walker) better be a buffbot higher lvl than the damage dealer (not necessary though) So when the settings are all set you summon dragon in walker and then party both chars and have dragon hit w/e the damage dealer is hitting by using walker settings... The dragon only has to hit a mob once and he gets the XP that your second char would get.



this is most likely trouble to come up... dragon will not hit the mobs you are hitting.

To deal with that you have to re summon the dragon once or maybe twice without breaking the party with your bot.


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