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With all the diffrent borwsers and the restrictions placed upon them, like Safari only works on mac, it is hard to build a site that which will work well on all of them formating and javascript wise, even just the age of the browser could affect which tags work, or maybe you rely on a tag that won't work elsewhere but you don't know that.So I am proposing not a review site, but a place where I could post my address, and an image of what I want it to look like (a print screen from my browser of choice) then all the people with there diffrent OS's and Browsers could post something like tested:IE 6.0 worksFireFox 1.4 banner covers first line of content.Then if they wanted to a fix.that way I, and all the other users as developers could get a feel of what there site looks like on diffrent platforms, then if possable a close thred button could be made available to only the person who started the thread so when there were happy they could close the thread.This form would also help users make there site known and more public plus increse page rank and such in google!

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