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Any Good E-mail Newsletters? Im looking for a great e-mail newsletter

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I need the script, program, or anythign else, PHP MYSQL anything will work really, but it has to be a very easy to use, great customizable e-mail newsletter, so i can send mass e-mails to everyone on my list, and i need it to either haev tempaltes with it, and html builder, or let me HAVE html in the newsletter, if anyone can help me with this itl be greatly appericated thanks alot guys!

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do a search at hotscripts.com or think that what the url is. You'll find tons, easy to custimize or even just do a search on google. They're really not that hard to find.



Tried both already, host scripts only had like 1 free one, and it wasnt what i needed, and i guess i didnt type in the right search words for google, because i got nothgin there either.

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Try using this. You will have to add your own HTML but I know you can do that.

<br><table><form action="sendemail.php?action=do" method="POST"><tr><td>From email:</td><td><input type="text" name="from" size="50" maxlength="150"value="mailing@YOURSITE.COM"></td></tr><tr><td>Subject:</td><td><input type="text" name="subject" size="50"maxlength="150"></td></tr><tr><td>Message:</td><td><textarea name="message" rows="15" cols="77">Hey{username},</textarea></td></tr><tr><td></td><td><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit"></td></tr></form></table><?if ($_GET['do']) {extract($_POST);$result99 = mysql_query("SELECT username, email FROM users WHERE allow_updates='1'");$count = 0;while ($row99 = mysql_fetch_assoc($result99)) {$message = $_POST['message'];$message = str_replace("{username}", $row99['username'], $message);$message = str_replace("{email}", $row99['email'], $message);$message = stripslashes($message);$subject = $_POST['subject'];$subject = str_replace("{username}", $row99['username'], $subject);$subject = str_replace("{email}", $row99['email'], $subject);$subject = stripslashes($subject);mail($row99[email], $subject, $message, "From: YOURSITE.COM<$from>");$count = $count + 1;}echo "Emails sent sucessfully.<br>Sent to: <b>$count</b> users.";}?>

But first you have to create the right table in MySQL.

I THINK it may look like this.

CREATE TABLE `users` (`username` VARCHAR( 12 ) NOT NULL ,`email` VARCHAR( 20 ) NOT NULL)

Although, that is not all that should be in the table. That table is for the members and if you get a login script, there should be something like above in it.

Although, if you are using PHPNuke, just IM, e-mail, or PM me.

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