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How To Dynamically Modify The Select Object? about add, remove...

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I try to use javascript to dynamically modify a select object. That is, I hope to insert some new rows to or delete some rows from the select object.


The following is illustrated in the "http://www.w3schools.com/js/tryit.asp?filename=try_dom_select_remove;.


<html><head><script type="text/javascript">function formAction(){var x=document.getElementById("mySelect")x.remove(x.selectedIndex)}</script></head><body><form><select id="mySelect">	<option>Apple</option>	<option>Banana</option>	<option>Orange</option></select><input type="button" onclick="formAction()" value="Remove option"></form></body></html>

The x.remove() function does work. The toples in the select object can be removed one by one.


Then I find other methods described in "http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/;. There shows the add() function.



Syntax: object.method_name()


Method Description N IE W3C

add() Adds an option to the dropdown list  4 Yes

blur() Removes focus from the dropdown list 3 4 Yes

focus() Sets focus on the dropdown list 3 4 Yes

remove() Removes an option from the dropdown list 6 4 Yes

Then I try to replace the x.remove(x.selectedIndex) by x.add(), but the browser shows an error and nothing happens. I can't not find more detail of the add() method. Can anyone tell me how to use the add() method or where more detail is?

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How to pass selected value into scriptletHow To Dynamically Modify The Select Object?

How to pass selected value <like selcting combobox item JSP> into scriptlet


function loadFields(metadataModelId){   if(metadataModelId.Value == null)   metadataModelId.Value = document.ContainerTypeForm.MetadataModelId.Value;     <%   for(MetadataModel model:modelsList)   {   if(model.GetId().AsString().Equals(metadataModelId) /// here it is showing error

{     fields = model.GetAllMetadataFields();   }     }   %> }

-reply by venu

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