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Using php, I am trying to develop an order form, which will accept order details one at a time.On submitting the form, it will call itself and print the data already added and present new text boxes to enter new item details.In theory, this can go on for infinite line items.Question is, how do we retain more than 1 row of elements in the array ?Verbose:We have text boxes for user to enter data.The user will enter the part number, and "other details".And Press the "Add" button.On pressing Add, the part number will be looked up in the DB and other info such as Price, Description pulled out.Page will call itself.The already entered data, plus whatever was extrapolated, will be printed on the first line.Another set of text boxes will be presented.Same process will repeat and on presenting form again, we will see line item 1 and line item 2.This will go on, till one presses, Finalize Order.How do we go about doing it?Another way would be to store it all in a temp table on the DB, but somehow that does not seem the right way to do it.thanks for help

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