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Rpg Elemtent Tut1*series1* Perfecting Enter/Leave triggers in RPGs

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Ok, my friend and I desided to start an elements series for starcraft. Basically what we'll be doing is telling you how to make difficult triggers in Starcraft Map editor. These triggers can be very complex if you don't know what you're doing so we're making these as clear as possible. You'll require; A map editor(of your choice) , and an intermiadite knowlegde of map making. All the Starcraft trigger tutorials were either written by me or my friend "Toaster". All these tutorials will be written on my forums FIRST and then quoted here. So lets get started shall we?


We're starting with RPG elements, meaning triggers you need for RPGs placed in the simplest way possible.



nter/Leaving Town Element


Ever get tired when your trying to make a RPG look profesional and it just bites you in the butt

when it comes to enter and leaving town messages? Well look no further! This tut will show you

how to make Enter/Leaving Town Messages appear once and appear when you are enter and

leaving town!


You will need....

Four Locations

Four Triggers

And Two Sounds (Optional)


First we want locations that will trigger the command to tell your players that they're now enter/leaving

town... It should look like this wherever you entrance is.



lLeaving l

l l

l l


lEntering l

l l

l l



Now, put a location about the same size above "Leaving" and below "Entering" We'll have these be switch's

so that it won't say this when you pass over both of them.


"Leaving (?)

Enter (?)"


Name the top one "ClearSwitch" and the bottem one "SetSwitch".


Now that we have our locations down, lets get to the triggers.

(Do not put your force for which player can activate it. If you do, the whole team can see the message whenver

someone leaves or exit)


Triggers: [Leaving Town[


>Player X brings (Exactly) X (Unit) to 'Leaving'

>'Leaving' is cleared

>'LeavingTown' is cleared


>Display for current player: (Something about leaving)

>Set 'LeavingTown'

>Preserve trigger

>Play (Wav) -- Optional

>Comment: (This too is optional)


The 'Leaving' switch will make it so that when your leaving town, it will say your leaving town.

The 'LeavingTown' switch will prevent the message from appearing a bunch of times.


Triggers: [Entering Town[


>Player X brings (Exactly) X (Unit) to 'Entering'

>'Leaving' is set

>'EnteringTown' is cleared


>Display for current player: (Something about Entering)

>Set 'EnteringTown'

>Preserve trigger

>Play (Wav) -- Optional

>Comment: (This too is optional)


The 'Leaving' switch will, like the other trigger, will say it ONLY when your comming in.

The 'EnteringTown' will stop the message from appearing a bunch of times.


Now that we have your triggers for the Entering and Leaving town set, we need to activate some switch's.

In these triggers, were going to have the switch's activate when were entering and leaving. These switch's

will also make the message come up again. These are the triggers.


Triggers: [EnterTownSwitch[


>Player X brings (Exactly) X (Unit) to 'SetSwitch'


>Set 'Leaving'

>Clear 'LeavingTown'

>Preserve Trigger

>Comment: (Optional)


Triggers: [EnterTownSwitch[


>Player X brings (Exactly) X (Unit) to 'ClearSwitch'


>Clear 'Leaving'

>Clear 'EnteringTown'

>Preserve Trigger

>Comment: (Optional)


Overall Explanation:

The locations will provide precise placing to notify when entering or leaving a town. Creating switch's

prevent having 'Entering Town' messages posted when your leaving or visa versa. Also, it helps stop

annoying 'Entering Town' pop up a million times. The other two locations confirm the switch's and allows only 'Entering Town' to come up when your entering and 'Leaving Town' to come up when you leaving.

So basically this is telling you how to make entering and leaving towns look more professional. If you had done this differently the trigger would mess up and the message will never stop appearing on the screen.


Hope this helped with your RPG :P


This tutorial was written by Toaster on Clan VDTP's Forums!

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