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How to use a UNI.CC domain name

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As most of you would know, UNI.CC provide a free domain name (it is actually just a subdomain that makes use of DNS) in the form of yourname.uni.cc. A lot of people seem to be having trouble with these, so here is a quick How-To on setting up a UNI.CC domain name.

Go and register your UNI.CC domain name at their website. You can select anything you want, just as long as it isn't already taken/reserved.

Once your account has been created, select the 'DNS' option under 'Choose a Service'. Once you get into the configuration, select 'NS (For external name servers)', and then enter ns1.trap17.com as Nameserver #1, and ns2.trap17.com as Nameserver #2. Then click 'Update DNS Record'.

This is the tricky part - you now have to wait about 24 hours (it can take anywhere from 12 to 72 hours, but it usually takes around 24) for the DNS configuration to propagate.

After you have given sufficiant time for the DNS configuration to be fully propagated accross the Internet, you need to park your domain in cPanel. This can be done either under 'Parked Domains', or 'Add-On Domains'. The difference is that a parked domain will point to the root of your site, therefore allowing you to have multiple domain names that lead to the same site - an add-on domain will create a whole new directory that is only accessible via that domain, and hence creating a whole new site.

Note that if you are unable to park your domain name with your Trap 17 hosting account, try waiting another day or two - if it still doesn't work, then please direct your questions to UNI.CC support, as we have no control over how their services operate.


Hope this helps.

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