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My First Photoshop Template Rate It Please

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Here is the link
My First Photoshop Template

Hope You Think Its Good, Just Got a Few Tutorials on Slicing and Coding and Some Other Tutorials, So I Just Put My Knowlage Together and Made That, Im Not Gonna Use It Though, Ill try and make a Nice, Tidy, Sleek Template when im able to, but I Do Not have the right knowlage to :unsure:

Please Rate it out of 5

I Rate it 3/5

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It's a little basic, but I think you'll get better.You might want to change "Just Stuff" to a more grayish color to match the site. Now, it looks a little "out there."Perhaps you could add a little rollover effect on the buttons."We Just Accept Anything" needs to be centered.I like the gradient that you made in your content box.Overall, I'd give it a 5.5/10

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The link is broken.

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It is a little bit basic. I agree that the title looks weird in a yellow glow. Perhaps try a light blue or grey / silver colour.Also you could get the font on the navigation buttons the same as the one used on the title, it just looks a bit of a mish mash otherwise.A good first try. 3.5/5

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Indeed a little basic.

Though I actually like the yellow glow. But maybe on the darkgray plain you could try to add some random effects.

I know it isn't a tutorialsite but maybe here's something you can try:


(its an effect I like to use and you could experiment some with the settings)


1. Make a selection off the darkgrey plain. (I recommend it to be a new layer. If it is one its ok, if it isn't one, its also ok but in photoshop you better work with lots of layers. (I do that and its pretty handy)

2. Press d to reset the standard colors

3. Goto Filter => Render-Clouds

4. Filter => Sharpen => Unsharp Mask

_____Amount: 500% || Radius: 26px || Threshold: 0

_____Just play a bit with the numbers, the higher the contrast, the stronger the result (you will see what I mean when you test it)

5. Filter => Distort =>Wave

_____Number of Generators: 999

_____Wavelength: Max: 999 (always set your max first, otherwise your min obviously won't be allowed to be higher than your max)

__________________Min: 719 (with this one you can play a bit, the higher your min, the more it "bows", also you will see what I mean when you test it.)

_____Amplitude: Max: 125 (also play a bit with this one)

________________Min: 1

_____Scale: Hor: 1

___________Vert: 100

_____Be sure the type is "Sine" and Undefined Areas is "Repeat Edge Pixels"

_____Then you can push sometimes on the Randomize button until you have the effect you like.

_____Press OK


6. Now to add a bit of color goto Image => Adjustments => Hue/Saturation

_____Be sure "Colorize" is checked

_____Set Hue to 227

_____Set Saturation to 14

_____And keep lightness 0.

_____If you don't like the color, change it :P

_____Press OK.


Well that's it. It isn't that hard normally. Hope this tut can be useful and I hope admins won't remove it.

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