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green fairy

Matrix Effects In Photoshop PART 2

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I had to continue my post here since I'm only allowed to post a sertain amount of images in each post. Sorry about this..


You should read the post Matrix Effects in Photoshop before doing with this one. LINK

Animate your image:


Follow this steps if you want an animated matrix effect:


1) Open a new document. Make the hight much longer than you want your final result to be. I will be using 350x150 pixels.


2) Repeat the same matrix effect you have learned until you have something like this:

Posted Image


3) Save your image as GIF and then open it in Image Ready.

File -> Save as... Format: GIF


4) In Image Ready, go to Window -> Animation.


5) Duplicate your image by clicking the Duplicate Frame button:

Posted Image


6) Select the second frame + the move tool from the tool bar.


7) Hold down Shift while you use the move tool to drag your image down the canvas. Leave no more than a third of your image present on the canvas. Try to make it look something like this:

Posted Image


8) Go to Select -> Load Selection -> Layer 1 Transparency


9) While selecting, go to Image -> Crop.

Posted Image


10) On the animation palette, click the Tween button. Use these settings:

Posted Image


11) Your animation palette will now look like this:

Posted Image Pick Forever in the looping options like above. You can now test your animation by pressing play.


12) Go to File -> Save Optimized As... and save as GIF.


Now you're animation should be finished and done :(

This id how mine turned out:

Posted Image


Hope someone can make use of this tutorial then :rolleyes: I know it probably isnt the greatest matrix effect out there, but at least it shouldn't be too hard to do :lol:


Notice from Saint-Michael:
Quote your tutorials next time i seen this on pixel2life.com and good-tutorials.com


Notice from snlildude87:
Following up on SM's note, I Googled an excerpt from green fairy's post, and saw that it wasn't copied directly, so no quotes is needed.
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