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404 Error Pages How do you make them?

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Regarding making your own 404 Error page, please refer to this link http://forums.xisto.com/topic/22491-custom-404-error-pages-a-tutorial-on-how-to-make-custom-404-error-pages/

As for the difference between 404 and splash screen is that a splash screen is generally used to notify viewers the status of what is going on. Think of it as a very nice looking post-in note. It generally serves as a dialogue box to let the user know what's going on during installation or loading process. Splash screen is mainly not a full screen feature. You can commonly see it when you install a program in your computer or when you see a large flash file being loaded.

EDIT: for more on splash screen refer to this link http://forums.xisto.com/topic/23441-splash-screen-good-or-bad-splash-gone-for-good-why/

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